Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flower Girl Accessories

            This is getting fun for me....all this pretty stuff...and now I get to make more for my special little girl too..she is gonna be Beautimuss...thats how her and I say beautiful.....So we need jewelry, a basket, hair accessories and a dress...ummm what else..

the bracelet

the earrings

the set

the hair flowers, shown here on my mannequin named Jenni

the gloves

the flower girl basket

with the special petals shown in my earlier post

what else could a girl want...Oh my Oh my...! I will show you the dress when we get to the wedding looks so much prettier on her than I could ever get.....


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Denise said...

It is fun isn't it! Thanks for stopping by and giving me encouragement. I sure needed it! I made tons of headway this weekend though.