Monday, May 24, 2010

PCCrafter Card Swap

        I did a very fun swap over at PC Crafter Message board...I recieved some very lovely cards from Gem, she has a website called Gem's Cottage where you can find some fun graphics along with the ones she used for my cards please take a look see at my beauties I recieved... I was only supposed to recieve two cards...only two.

but I also got these

and this stuff to make more if I wanted too

I just loved them all..this graphic is avaliable on her site  Gem's Cottage so go check it out and see what inspires you there..

Gem thanks for my wait very lovely cards and spare parts..I loved this swap and your work is stunning to say the professional...adn so polished


1 comment:

Venus said...

I love the paper piercing she does. This was a fun swap.