Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Time Again

           Yep its that time of year again in Texas when my yard errupts with tons of beauty....I just love everyday going into my gardens to see what nature has given me that day. My yard is made up of OP's (other peoples stuff) meaning I have small treasures from friends and family that grace my yard every year, so lets begin the tour for March....

Miniature Iris in Deep Purple and Yellow
from my long time friend Maxine (RIP)

it lives amoungst the Angels given to me by my Mother (RIP)

I missed the other minatures while on vacation so even I will have to wait and see them next year...I planted then in the exciting uh....Ok on
the Aprils beauty so far....

This is the only thing left from my original landscapeing when  I purchased my house, outside of the tree in my back yard. I have two in the front yard and one in the back yard.

Indian Hawthorne...

Next my beautiful Iris from my Dad's garden. (RIP). He raised these high bred iris for flower shows..they measure up to 5 inches high...I have many not bloomed yet so please watch back for the can see a peach one coming to bud if you look closely

Purple Iris...Dad's Gardens (RIP)

Yellow Roses
 planted in honor of my friend Fred (RIP)

and then I have a few new additions from my vacation up north...

Rubarb...wish me luck on this one...
Strawberry rubarb pie Oh My !
in honor of my Grandmother.

and a new ground cover
Coral Carpet Stonecup
will bloom in the fall...

ok and now the fun yard guy Gilbert come to help me do some other plantings....

My Garden for this year

sketched it all out myself....hope it works.

here is the hardest working guy in my garden...

My Sprinkler Frog

and I got lucky...
My Spinach
 survived the winter and is doing well...already had one cut on it and ready for another.

         Well this is all the fun stuff I have for today..sorry so very long...but I was blessed with lots to share...I hope things in your life are blooming the way nature does..and I am so grateful for the beauty right outside my door today..


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