Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dresser Re-Do


     I have had this small dresser in my guest bathroom for atleast 5 years....sitting there waiting to be re-done...poor thing I say. Well finally it can show its new face proudly. I had a man named Pete approach me via email and he asked if I would like to feature his paint brushes.  I said sure I would, because they are great paint brushes...Well I didn't know that until I used them...and my hunch was correct. I have tried many different kinds with all my projects and usually end up with hairs stuck to my work...well not now. The Purdy brand shined thru. And did an awesome job...please check them out at this site Purdy Paint Brushes and More.

   On to my project, this is what she has looked like for years now...purchased at a thrift store some where. I liked it this way, but it needed to match my decor a bit better....

       so here we go with the fun new look that now shines in my guest bathroom..I love all the details...I left the handles like they are and they look great in the room this is displayed in

      so there ya go....I love her even more now...she holds all my hair accessories, curlers and perm rods..Thanks for the helping hand Pete


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Proper Prim said...

Hello there... I love the dresser... great job... of course I am partial to the black...LOL... I have heard Purdy is a good brush but I am way too cheap to spend the extra money to try them...

Glad you are feeling better and you are back in the swing of things... Have a great day DeeDee

Hugs, Deb