Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowman, Snowman...

I got a wild hair to recycle I needed a snowman I put my thinking cap on and come up with this guy...made from a yard light bulb...blown out one of course...the technique to get this texture is so very easy and I will reveal that some where with in this post for you to try... But look at my rustic little snow man guy

now isn't he just adorbale...well after making him I thought " how would he look made from a normal light bulb"   well guess what!!! he is still adorable

look at this snowy texture for a moment....can you tell how I did it...?

here it is

1 can white spray paint
gradulated sugar
light bulb
painters tape
place to spray paint safely

first tape off the the silver part of the light bulb with painters tape...then spray the blub all white...while still wet sprinkle on the sugar....if you miss some spots just spray and sugar again...let sit for a bit to dry...when completely dry re-spray the whole bulb white to seal the sugar...and wha~la! look at that will dry completely to a firm texture...
decorate as desired..
I left the silver part undone so it makes the hat easy to slide on and I can attach the hanger here also.

this is my new favorite thing to share this year...everywhere I go I am teaching my freinds how to do this texture.

Happy Snowy Holiday..



Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so cute and sugar - what a great idea! :D

Terria said...

Oh Dee Dee it was so nice seeing you again as well as spending the evening with ya! I really enjoyed chit chatting wiht you :)

BiWuBär said...

Great idea - thank you for sharing!


Paula said...

DeeDee that snowman lightbulb is the best yet. How in the world do you think of this stuff? Using sugar is a great way to make him sparkle. Just Hang high enough so Lucky doesn't get a taste. lol

Morninglass said...

love him! what an adorable use of a light bulb!