Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Craft Parties

I have been a party girl this year for sure...I attended parties with both my Scrapbooking groups this year also... at both we did the Chineese Christmas Exchange...It is very fun ...but when you get the good out ...hard to hold on to

at the first one I got this , a black wood try you can add photos to...I plan on adding scrapbook paper to make a tray for my guest room...

the other party I got a bag that had a beautiful Journal and some photo brain clicked and thought.. I can use these with my photo tray from the last party...SWEET! ...
well remember what I said if you get the good gift it is sometimes hard to hold onto...STOLEN!   UGH!..
  but I got something I liked for me in return.

a Scentsy tray for my car and some flowers to embelish away...
so it turned out good
one thing for my guests to use and the others for me to use..

the spirt of the season is, I got to spend time with many of my freinds this year... I have had a blast...I have two more parties to attend before I call this year good...
I was truely blessed in this past year to make some good freinds to hang out holiday is always away from family so this fills my heart with new joys. I am also blessed to have a new schedule that accomendates a social life a bit now my work life and my social life are more compatable..I think I might start to like it here..

Happy Holidays Everyone
and thanks for all the invites too

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Proper Prim said...

Dee Dee I am so happy you are enjoying the season. It is great when you meet so many nice people that have things in common with you.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas my friend and all the best to you in the New Year.

Big Hugs,