Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scarfs and Hats for Christmas

I am glad I can finally post the things I made as Christmas gifts this year....the kids all got fleece hats and matching scarfs with thier names on them... I had fun with these too.
Miss Hannah is 8 years these little girl skeletons are fun for her

add a funky fun pattern

and Wha la!  cuteness...her mom says she knows she will love these..I like that lots..

Pink Pony Tails...

Now my grand-daughter, 5 years old needed something special to her,
Pink support her daddy in Afganistan
with a dash of Pink Sparkly Stuff...she insists on this

And a Pink Pony Tail

here it is ...the pink sparkly stuff she so loves

on to my litte man....grandson 3 years old...he too is supporting daddy in Afganistan this year so camo for him to....with little ear flappers....he will be so darned cute in this..and he gets ear infections easily so this will help him out also..

all personalized for each of my little loves to stay warm up north...
I love working with fleece...please give a round of applause for my little models.. Jenni is the one with the pretty makeup plain little white guy is for the boy stuff....

Happy Holidays.


Sue said...

I bet those gorgeous hats and scarves look so much better on the real owners. Well done Dee Dee

T's Daily Treasures said...

What great gifts Dee Dee! You did well with your handmade Christmas. Best wishes, Tammy

Proper Prim said...

Now what a great gift idea... you really outdid yourself with those Dee Dee... I bet the kids just loved them.

Is there anything that you can't do? You just keep amazing me daily. Great job my friend.

Hugs, Deb