Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Niece Hannah

Look at this precious little face...this is the face of a niece I didn't know I had for 8 years...she lives close to my parents, I prally have seen her before but didint' know her as family...well luckily I do now...I haven't got to meet her in person yet...She lives in Iowa and I live in Texas,...but I hoping soon we can meet and be come familiar with each other..I just want to hug her

Her name is Hannah Rose, as beautiful as she is...her birthday is coming up soon so I set out to make her a few gifts...this is only two, but I am making more..heheheh! I am so good at girl stuff I tell ya

I made her a bracelt from paper beads...hope her and I can craft together one day I will show her how to do these... I hope she likes these colors also..her mom told me she is girly so this should fit the ticket..

I know her birthday last year was a Princess I made her a scrapbook for those pictures...will see what they do for this years and maybe have to make another ...hehehe! I had fun with this first letter book I have made...I kinda like them

and here we go with the pages....I wasn't sure how to embellish since I didn't have any pictures

there ya go complete with all the Princess'es inside.... cannot wait to see it with her pictures inside

I so wish I could celebrate with her....I have a couple more things I will be making and will show in a later she asked me for after meeting my grandkids...she wanted it too...hehehe! gotta love that.

thanks for letting me share her with you



Elaine said...

I'm sure your niece will love the great scrapbook you made for her princess pictures.. She is very pretty.
My niece and the boys arrived yesterday and it's so nice to have them.. Tammy is off with my daughter gwen and the boys are in the family room picking on each other as brothers do.. Have a great weekend.

Teddi said...

Dee Dee did u make the paper beads? i want 2 learn how 2 do that! super cute bracelet if she doesn't want it i'll take it!

Jody said...

I love the whole story. She is a doll, and I believe she will love the gifts you have made, who would not? they are wonderful, duuuuh ....giggle.... as always. Family is such a blessing, and children are miracles. Hannah does not seem to be the exception ;o) we are so blessed to have them in our lives. thank you for sharing with us. love you DeeDee,
big hug, jody