Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Friend Donna

She is so special and does such special things...a few posts back you will see I seperated and sorted all my buttons added in my Moms and Grandma's buttons too. then posted a picture for you all to see...well Donna spied one item in there and said to me." Send me that blue rose and I will make you something special from it"...I did as she asked...I was so excited to see what it might be since this

blue rose  deal..was from my grandma's stash. How exciting is this.

well I got thru the waiting and finally it arrived back in my mail box...tearing it open with even more excitement..I found a treasure I just love now, it can be used as a


and a magnet

and a marker for many things since it is magnetic you can use it in many places in fabric use..on my message board...one small little addition and it is now my treasure..brings my grandma closer to me on a daily basis now....

my friend Donna I just love it. And thanks for caring enough to give me this beautiful treasure from my button box. Hugs.

hey you guys reading this head on over and pay Donna a visit...You will love her place. She is a great story teller, a great seamstress and a very sweet hearted friend of mine...



Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

How wonderful is that!! Congratulations on your special treasure and your special friend!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dee Dee:
You're making me a little weepy with your sweet post! I was more than happy to convert your grandma's treasure for you...and am thrilled that you can now have it close to your heart more often, instead of tucked away with your other buttons.
Thank you for being my friend, too!