Sunday, June 7, 2009

Honey Do List

My firend sent me this idea and asked me to make one...I didn't really think I liked the idea until I made one...Now I have many ideas for this little project. Funny how that works uh...I love putting my spin on things. Not saying the original was bad, just wasn't my style. Unfortunately I have no honey to do my list, so this is for refer to the list and see if I can get todays chores done. I beleive I can......

P.S. Thanks Firend for this idea I really liked it..
Graphics from: PC Crafter artist at
Honey Do List

1 piece ruler print paper
1 piece wood print paper
1 piece white card stock
1 wood door hanger
2 screw head brads (4 for bind it all project)
1 spiral note book or 4x4 books made from coasters shown. Directions below.
2 coasters (for bind it all project)
1 square pad sticky notes
1 piece black elastic
1 scrap piece ruler print ribbon
1 scrap piece black cord (for bind it all project)
1 small pen with loop in top of cap and chain
1 piece coil (for bind it all project
Graphics to fit
Modge Podge

Graphics used: Home Improvement by Colleen Parry

1.) With wood print paper trace on backside outline of wood door hanger, cut out
2.) On front side apply wood print cut out to front of wood door hanger with modge podge. Let dry then seal front side with modge podge…dry thoroughly.
3.) Tie ruler print ribbon around opening as shown.
4.) Measure about and below where book will be and with cropidle punch a whole at the top and one at the bottom
5.) Measure elastic just shorter than the distance between two holes.
6.) Attach elastic with two of the screw top brads
7.) Attach pen thru ruler ribbon with small chain

Note Pad Holder
1.) For store bought one…cover front of book with ruler print paper
2.) Size and print graphics choice, cut out and apply to front of book.
3.) Attach sticky note inside cover
4.) With back panel slide under elastic band

Bind It All Pad
1.) Cut and Glue squares to fit the coasters front from the ruler print paper
2.) Cut wholes for coils with bind it all in both coaster pieces. Attach binding as directed for bind it all.
3.) Print, cut and apply graphics to front of book
4.) Punch two wholes near edge of each coaster…screw top brads thru.
5.) Wrap short piece of black cord on back screw and glue.
6.) Slid thru elastic band and secure shut with cord on front screw top brad.


Wanda. said...

What a great idea to have the list hang on a door!!! If I try that maybe some things on the list might actually get done. No excuse of not seeing the list!!! LOL TFS

Nita said...

WOW!! That looks great! I love it.