Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Present Card

I seen the graphics from Joy Hall sold on PC Crafter and this card came to mind. It is along the lines of the flower pot cards only its a gift. Also has a flip up graphic on the inside for your own personal message. I loved the colors. This can be yours if you go check out my etsy page. Make today a gift to those around you..
Birthday Present Card

White card stock
Ribbon to match
Embroidery Floss to match
Pop Dots
Tiny whole punch
Scallop punch size 1 7/8”
Stickles- Optional
Graphics: It’s a Party by Joy Hall

1.) Size Graphics as follows:
FR Gift, jpg. 3.5 x 5
Powdered Flowers, bgd. 3.5 x 6.40
Round tag, jpg. 1.75 x 1.75
Cropped Fr Gift, jpg 2.90 x 2.5
It’s your Birthday jpg. 2.75 x 2.75

2.) In your graphics program I cropped the top off the present card to the size above, so it can be layered over the top only. You can also print the whole thing if you’d like.
3.) On present top card cut off purple out line on bother sides and bottom so it will fit into envelope/ box part.
4.) On Happy Birthday art cut to size. Place tape the length of the top part and adhere to back side - top side of card as shown, to work as a hinge for the flip up card, and attach to card as shown.
5.) With Pop dots adhere cropped piece to top of card for a 3-D affect
6.) Tie a big pretty bow and attach to top of present, punch round tag out with scalloped punch then punch a whole in top of round circle tag, tie on with embroidery floss to the bow on top. Let dangle
7.) Take Pink piece and fold in half glue sides so top card will easily slide into it.
8.) Cut ribbon to fit front to back on box bottom. Adhere so it looks like a present wrap see picture for guidance.
9.) Embellish with stickles if desired

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Venus said...

I love this card. You come up with the most amazing things.