Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC Tin for my Grand-Daughter

I am making a coloring book bag for my grand-daughter that has a pocket on the front that holds the colors seperately and had some extra space so decided to make this to fill the spot. Check back for the color book bag isn't complete just yet...but here is the flash cards..I hope to soon make number cards used are from PCCrafter

Flash Cards

3 sheets white card stock
1 altoid tin
Small piece of matching ribbon
Allenes’s Tacky Glue
Laminate double side
Xyron adhesive

Graphics used: as follows

Cards: ABC’s by Lori Gardener
Frame: In the Classroom by Lori Sume
Background: Animal Ark by Kate Honavar

1.) Measure you altoid tin for card size. In graphics program bring up a rectangle the same size..Working with the ABC graphics design your individual cards..I got 4 across by 3 down on my sheet.
2.) Run each sheet thru laminator to laminate both sides
3.) Cut out all cards and front and back designs
4.) Affix the front cover to the front and the back cover to the back.
5.) Glue ribbon around tin on bottom have is desired..covers up any printing on the tin.


Nita said...

This is so cute!! Danika will love this.

Better After said...

Hi there! I wandered in from ASPTL. I love the tin redo! C'mon over and check out my blog, it's full of fun before & afters. :)