Friday, May 20, 2011

Ladies Night Out

At Merry Go Round Glass shop.
Vicki posted we'd be making wire suncatchers...
I didn't know what to expect ..
didn't really wanna get out of the house...
but decide to go anyways..
I am glad I did I love my

Windchime Suncatcher

here is my design

and the completed solder job
this Zinc ring was hard to solder to
mine looks messy to me

I cut my chimes but ran out of time to finish it
so will add some more of those turquoise baubles
and make it sing in the wind

My freind Becky had an awesome design.
she called this her sunburst

I so love going to the glass shop
I am always inspired
and make some very fun things
and learn new things along the way
I love working with the leaded Cane

Happy Crafting


MJ said...

Oh. Wow. DeeDee that is beyond gorgeous! Nice job. I'm glad you got your arse up and out too so I could lap up this gorgeousness. Love Love Love Love it! Becky's is equally as stunning! Wow. (Can you all tell I'm impressed?)

patti fast said...

DeeDee, as always I am so impressed with your art! LOVE the windchimes!

Teddi said...