Tuesday, May 17, 2011

COH- Crazy Quilt Block #1 & #2

I joined the Yahoo Group Chain of Hearts..
they make and swap hearts....
with very, very nice hand works abound... 
They swap other things from time to time also... 
this time it is a crazy quilt block. 
I started out behind because I HAD  wanted to take my vacation. 
but I quickly caught up...
each week they give us a new stitch to use 
the first week was a
Button Hole stitch..
I thought I new this one...
but nope not what I thought it was.
take a look

The #2 week was the Raise Cup stitch
I still need to add my tiny small little beads to the flower centers
inside the cup.

I just love this little girl, but not so sure they will..
actually I think she is not very good.
I am not confident with her

She has found her new home now
and she looks pretty comfy
and she is growing on me
a bit

She now lives
On this fancy block that I soon will embellish
lots more..
cannot wait to see our next stitch.

So stay tuned and watch her grow
my goal for this year is to enhance my hand embroidery work
I am stitchin with the big dogs
but I know they wll help me find my way
and be a part of thier realm soon
Happy Stitchin


Proper Prim said...

Dee Dee I think she is adorable. You did a great job on her. She is so sweet in her new home too.
Can't wait to see her grow up and I am sure you will have this aced in no time. Good for you for branching out.

Hugs, Deb

Teddi said...

<3 ur stitched doll DD!

Denise said...

I am not a hand stitchin kinda gal, but yours is too sweet! Good job and it looks like she found just the right place to live!

Barbara said...

I think your little girl is just sooo sweet! She looks wonderful to me and I love your handiwork. It's been a long time since I've done any needlework by hand and I think yours is great.

Hugs XX

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...


BubzRugz said...

Just lovely and what a great way to use your embroidery.... those will be such special blocks

Janet said...

She is super cute! Have faith...