Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beary Special to Me.....

I did a swap way back at Christmas time
with my new friend in Germany ...
check it out Here 
in this swap I recieved a little bear name Merry Xmas. 
He is so much fun...
but he found himself a bit lonely
here in the USA all by himself..
So I contacted
to see if she could help us out...
He needed a partner in crime

She had her eyes on something I made that she loved,
 so we set up a private swap..
and we both sent extra lovelies
but I got this one little lovely
that Merry Xmas truely loved  

The parcel is from Germany

and it had some very fun gifts
my second Christmas ball
and some candies too

A little note to me as I shuffled thru the box

look at all my fun gifties
can you say happy face

this card with all it dimensions..

it is beautiful for real

then we have this little bag..
with bears all on it..
what could be inside???

a special note from all our bear freinds

A little girl bear named Cherry
she is the exact opposite of
in her colors

she brought me the smallest
gummy bears I have ever seen
her sized gummy bears

Cherry and Merry Xmas met for the first time
a wee bit shy were both

but soon were very close freinds

Merry wants a hug from
his new freind

they match together perfectly

the perfect little couple
now both happy
here in the USA

Thanks so much Birgit
I love my little bears.
they are just so adorbable
so glad we got to swap again
and so happy I too
now have a new freind.

 Happy Day
Me, Merry Xmas and now Miss Cherry
(thats how they say it in Texas)


T's Daily Treasures said...

I used to collect bears but made myself stop as it was getting out of hand. Your little ones are so cute. Always fun to swap and receive sweet surprises. Hope your day is good. Tammy

BiWuBär said...

It's so nice to see them both together! Now Merry has his partner in crime... I really hope they behave once in a while... better get all your sweets and honey locked... ;O)

I'm glad you like little Miss Cherry and give her and Merry a loving home. Our little swap was so much fun; and I was blessed with your gifts and especially the gift of friendship.


BubzRugz said...

Those are so ultra cute... and I love your photo shoot....