Saturday, May 28, 2011

COH- Crazy Quilt Block #4

This weeks stich is the last assigned one and it is the

Half Chevron 

There are many versions of this stitch and
Many fun things you can do with it...
I only know this from seeing the other ladies work.
Mine is pretty amatuer yet.

and I did another version of this one too
just to learn a bit more

my block is moving right along..
I will be doing all the same stitchs on
my own block too

Its hard to make them match since this is crazy block style
So none of the seams are the same
But can add all the same stiches in the different spots
I will work on mine in between my swaps
just to keep me busy.

Laughing hard on that one!!!
keep me busy.

I will work out the rest of this block
ans be back with the finished product soon

Happy Stitchin


Teddi said...

yes your block really is coming along. sewing is so NOT my forte. i admire it in others. crazy quilts are my fave! i have a pillow my mom made me, that i keep on my bed for decoration.

PeggyR said...

Your stitches are lovely! More even then mine are that is for sure!