Monday, May 16, 2011

Fighting Pillows

On my vacation home
I was meeting my
little brothers, girl freind
for the first time...
I needed a fun gift...
but I don't know her very well
I know they are sports fans
one likes Texas longhorns ...
the other likes Nebraska

so I made this fun gift for them

My Brother is Long Horns

His Girlfriend is Nebraska 

I added these little handles so they could have pillow fights
over the game ofcourse.

Fun uh...
 they loved them...
and the handle on the longhorn one was broken
before I even left town
they take this stuff seriously...
I had fun making them thou



Proper Prim said...

Hello there sweetie... love the pillows... you could market these and make a fortune... what an awesome idea.

Have a great day DeeDee.

Big Hugs, Deb

BiWuBär said...

What a clever idea - no surprise they liked it!