Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am still trudging away a little at a time on this ribbon... I have had three good sittings to work on this.. I feel like I am getting no I cannot believe for the life of me where all this ribbon has come from. But I can tell you one thing I needed this badly now didn't I...GESH!

let me catch you up incase you haven't been following my plight with this.

Over at

they started us out the first of the year getting everything
crafty all organized....
this is Week #1 Ribbon project
I know I am way behind on this one
But I have interuppted to keep up with the other weeks too

so on from here.
I have shown my progress with Ribbon
here is my 3rd update for you

Still working out of the same two boxes

have moved to my 2nd organized box...
sorting by color....
then by solid color
  and then that colors prints

On my final update I will have something for you,
that will blow your mind away
so please keep up with me on this...
it will amaze you.
Happy Organizing Everyone


feresaknit said...

I think this must take more patience that crafting! ;D

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi DeeDee:
Looking forward to seeing how you get all of this under control! I, too, have a shameful amount of ribbons. I'll be interested to see all of yours.
Have a great day.

Mary said...

Wow I'm jealous of all your ribbon!! What a great stash! :) Mine is confined to a rubbermaid bin so it can't multiply ... ha ha! Bad enough my yarn is overwhelming!