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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blissful ATC Swap- February

I was once again joined in the

 with my friend Sandy W. 

The theme is 

She did a great job with this theme
check it out...
Sandy picked out a special Poem
and placed it on the heart

and it come in layers and pages

and I LOVE the details
I watched her make this card
and thougt it was so darned cute

this is hand sewn detail work

and it is finished out all the way thru

right down to the heart closure...cute uh..
Sandy thanks for making this just for me
and your freindship too....
It is very special to me.
Thanks for all the fun crafting times.
I hope they continue one for a very long time

The one I sent to her
is made with a sample piece of fabric
found at my local Hobby Lobby
I really liked how it turned out
with tons of texture

I hope you will see your way to come join us,
 in the fun for March at

See ya there

1 comment:

Sew DoggyStyle said...

Oh wow, those ATC's are sure cool! I made a few, but never really got too into it. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's post. =)

Erika and Sebastian