Friday, February 18, 2011

Special Valentines Gifts

Bentley has some special Valentines he would like to share with you

the first is a dog bone he won over at

in a contest.
 he had to wear heart shaped
he wasn't liking it so much....
 but he sure does love his prize

look at him hamming it up now

he dug right into it..
 and made it SQUEEK!!!

look at this picture enlarged and see
his so cute little smile.
he is so adorable
he says thanks to

for letting him join the fun

Then of course his mom
 (meaning me)
had to get him a Valentine too
he needed a new blankie
so I did a simple patch work one
made from fleece with appliqued
paw prints across the back..
here it is when he first seen it
he loved it.

Now he decided to pose...

and another fabulous pose
I want to talk for him
on this

and then he gave me this one..
My Precious Bentley Boy

Then he says thats a wrap mom...
and gives me a wink

I am trying hard to teach him to wink
so he can wink at the ladies
like my little pommie
Lucky used to do.
he will learn

Hope you think of your pets on the holidays
at my house they are my family
Preciouse Boys
Both of them



BiWuBär said...

Hey, Bentley's the winner - no surprise for me. He really knows how to pose - beautiful pics!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! That Bentley is precious! He is definitely a star! So photogenic. Great doggie blanket. You are soooooo talented. Best wishes, Tammy

BLISS angels said...

dee dee I so pleased he won he was cute in that photo.... willow and Acorn say hi and "like the bone DOG"
Hugs wendy

ShirleyC said...

He's beautiful! I love the way Poms can show so much expression.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bentley is a ham and obviously loves the camera. Lucky little dog to get a new toy AND a new blanket!

Fun With This and That said...

He sure likes his picture I think.Lucky with the quilt. Laura

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

He's a cutie! He sure looks like he's smiling!
Have a great weekend!

Sew DoggyStyle said...

Oh my gosh, he's soooo cute!! You must be tired of hearing that. I'm going to share one of those photos on my Facebook page!! Glad he likes his prize =)

Erika and Sebastian

Teddi said...

i don't think looking at that cutie's pix ever gets old.