Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day

About a week ago...
we had a thunderstorm....
thunder and lighting....
well that turned into a ice storm
which turned into a snow storm
Wasn't a good day for me..
I took a tumble down my driveway
but the dogs had a blast
running around the back yard

Bentley checking it out

Lucky heading back in for a bit..poor old man

Both surveying the same spot..

Lucky wandering around to all his favorite spots

No Mom I don't wanna come in yet...

Mom... I am having fun really

Bezerker time....
he can run so fast and was tearing around like crazy in the snow

Mom do I have to come in.... I want to stay out and play..

Bentley spent a good part of the day outside... he just loved it
I was on the couch with the heating pad
while my Home Made Turkey Noodle Soup

So glad we are back to a bit warmer weather now..
it just isn't supposed to be that cold in

stay warm, travel safe my blogland friends


BiWuBär said...

Lovely pics - no doubt Bentley enjoyed himself. At least - the amount of doggie footprints in the snow tells a story of its own... ;O)


Blissfull ATC swap said...

Dee dee sorry to hear about your fall. hey! stay out of the snow it's bad for your health.. I am very pleased to say no snow in Georgia... stay in the warm... hugs wendy

Diana said...

Dee Dee,
Sorry about that fall but the dogs had fun LOL We had 14 inches here in IL and my dog loved it too and yes, like you I fell in the snow!! LOL The soup looked yummy!!


Patti said...

Yes doggies do love the snow. You have had your share of it this year. I am glad to see both dogs are still with you.
Stay warm and be careful. That soup looks like it would warm your tummy just fine :)

Teddi said...

i adore those pix of bentley, but i do NOT adore this snow! (grr!)

ShirleyC said...

Your Poms are beautiful! They remind me so much of our Missy who passed away in Oct. We'd had her 16 years. We just got a Yorkie, and loving her!