Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Swap

I joined in a Valentine swap over at

this is the first swap where is wasnt' swapping with the person I sent to... 
I recieved my Valentine from

she sent me the cutest card...
with special small details

a lovely sparkling heart

I sent mine to

I added some fun Valentines things 

a cute Wood Heart Valentine

some fun and funky heart shades...
I got these for several
people on my lost this year

and a special little jewel box
with chocolate inside

added a cute little cupcake card
and a special message

Thanks Laurie for letting me join in
Deniese I hope you like the things I sent for you
and Jan... thanks so much for the cute card
it made me smile

I got a few other Valentines in the mail to

this cute little card made for me
by my freind Venus
she always makes the funniest little cards

I think it is a type of easel card
so cleve

is this not a cute graphic or what
you can find it at

then my friend Pam sent me a card too!!!

with lots of fun little saying
and confetti

thanks to my freinds new and old.  For making me smile this
Valentines Day

1 comment:

Denise said...

Thanks for the swap.. Everything was so cute...... You did a good job..