Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zippered Coin Purse Swap

 Earlier this year I joined a swap over at

This was her first time for this one
And it was very fun
We had to make a 

Zippered Coin Purse

I got paired up with 

Joan made me the cutest bag. 
I never would have thought to use the clear Vinyl...
I just love it

Then she made me some matching goodies for inside too
I have used this for many small trips to the doctors office
Holds all the little things I need.. and easy to find  too

She wanted from me a smaller coin purse that would
Fit inside her purse..
I cannot say I have ever made a coin purse before
So I was perplexed
Swaps always make me a little jittery
I want them to like it

So here is the one I sent her
It also can hold her keys

I like how it turned out
Wish I had done one for me too

Check them all out in the Flickr Group

Ya Know
I was doing some pondering
I have done many, many swaps
I wonder where all my stuff has ended up
Are they treasures in someones Collection?
Were they sent on as gifts
Are the in a Goodwill or OP shop as the Aussies call them?
I know I have sent out tons of my hand work
To all kinds of people
Little bits of me everywhere

I need to get some labels for my stuff
This just hit me one day
Where is it all
And no one knows who made it.

Until we meet again
Happy Crafting


beebee said...

I would love to participate in a zippered coin purse exchange if you do one!

Kay Eyles said...

I love the coin purse you made with the yoyos on it. I must admit that I also get jittery about swaps. I enjoy them but always have a little panic about whether it will be good enough.

Joan J said...

I love loved loved the little coin purse you sent me. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is just SO sweet! It's always so much fun when these swaps go well! Thanks again. Joan