Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Fall Flowers

Have you seen the flower makers by Clover? 
They work similar to the YoYo makers by Clover.. 
We went to my friend Sherri's house to try these out...
I got to make two of them,
 But there are actually about 7 of themI think
In different sizes

Check out the ones I got done.

Just think of a bunch of these together.
The size of these are about 2 inches across
But others are bigger in size

Sherri had this huge box of buttons..
I so want to raid it daily...
I need to add to my collection for these

You can find these on Amazon
They are called Kanzashi Flower Maker

I will make up the others and post a picture for you soon

Enjoy the flowers in the Fall too.



BiWuBär said...

Your flowers look fantastic! I know those shapers, they are availabe in Germany, too - I wish you a lot of fun with these!


pchickki said...

I love these and they can be used for so many different things. Great job DeeDee

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really like what you've done with these - I've seen the 'form' in a couple of different catalogues.

elizabeth said...

I've never heard of this and am so in love with fabric flowers right now! Yours are just darling!