Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Resolution


 I don't usually make resolutions, but this year I did...and it is to go room by room in my house and clean..I mean really clean, top to bottom, side to side. I started with the closets and moved to the cupbords and stands that hold car is absolutely stuffed with items to recycle bin is jam packed  and I can actually walk in my closet now.

     Wow am I energized to do more....

   I was babysitting my friends dog Kasey...part rotty, part lab...Huge girl ...well compared to my little Pommies that is ...Kasey today decided my bed was a good spot for her to sleep all day while I was at work.... Needless to say I come home to a bed full of little black hairs .  Long story next room to clean soon became my room....even know I had planned to do the bathrooms next. 

 Funny how fate can play a roll in your day. here I am taking a break before I clean all the knick knacks I have in there..the fabric stuff all cleaned....the bed all cleaned with mattress flipped, the carpets all cleaned...Whew! I am glad this is a small room.

So if you find me missing in action for a bit this is why...I will be doing a bit of crafting here and there so check back to see....I should be taking before and after pics cleaned bed is gonna feel so good tonight.....take care all and sleep tight....


Brynwood Needleworks said...

You can do it, Kid! Just be me, backs are fragile!
Take care and don't stay away too long.

Brenda said...

DeeDee I too cleaned all day too!! I need to get back into doing my schedule you ever visit her site? ]She makes it sooo easy.

Proper Prim said...

When you are finished wanna come to my house... I swore I was going to purge while I had the time off... well I talked myself out of that quickly... isn't that what spring is for... it does feel so good when it is all done though.

Hugs Deb