Friday, October 9, 2009

What Fun It Is...

To spend the day in Waxhachie, Texas. My friend and I went to spend the day at Mosaic Madness . But we got so much more...we arrived about 11:30 AM after stopping at several places ( mostly Halloween shops) along the way...after working on our projects we decide to go around the square to all the shops which include....a scrapbook store, a quilt shop several antique/junk shops, also including the mosaic shop..Waxahachie has the funniest square I have been to so far...great place for a day trip. October 24th they will have a huge event here please if you live close check it out...if you stop by the mosaic shop tell them DeeDee sent you..they all know me here and will be glad to help you on your way to a very fun project.

Our projects shown below are as follows..I made two stepping stones towards my set of six. They will be replicas of the flowers in my yard.. These are my daffodils and my rose stones., ...They are not grounted yet as I will grout all six at once so all grout is the same color.. I posted my 1st stone .Humming Bird Stone awhile back with a few other projects I made that day.  My next one will be Christmas Holly then  Purple Iris. I need to buy the purple pieces of glass on coupon from Hobby Lobby...

My friend is working on a stone Rooster...she has been doing this thing for over 2 years ...i document progress in we go she gets a bit more done....the pieces are so will be beautiful indeed....she finally finished the brown on to the fun stuff all the different colors. A huge milestone towards it making..

After after all this, we went to eat at the Catfish Plantation...this is a haunted Victorian house that has been re-done to be a restraunt...I am tellin ya ....if you are ever in Waxahachie ,TX this is the place to eat....major YUMMO!  as many time as I have eaten here  I can never get a really good picture inside this matter what I do. But to food never fails and they do have things other than catfish too...everything is good. They always decorate so cute for halloween and this year did not disappoint...the ghosts are abound....I loved the outside decrations..this Horse Drawn carraige is so creative...and all the ghost and goblins inside striking...

So as you can see my friend and I had a awesome day spent in Waxahachie, Texas.

Go by and spend the day.......October 24th huge day one the Waxahachie, TX Town Square

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Sandie said...

Wow. That stagecoach looks awesome, DeeDee. What a great place to eat. Everything on your blog is looking great.
I'm loving the chair, heehee. Looks very comfy.
The flower mosaics are very pretty, too.
Keep up the great work, Cheers from Aus. Sandie