Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Wreath

                I made this Christmas Wreath to decorate my parents grave site....unfortunately it will proably get stolen...but for the time it lasts it  will be worth it to me..the only gift I can give is a small decoration and my thoughts and prayers...I wanted it to be beautiful enough to lay against the Iowa snow and stand out on its own.   My daughter will lay this there for me...I hope your holiday season is starting off already with a spirit that is unstopable....Happy Holiday Season  to all my friends that visit me here.....

P.S. For my parents may they rest in peace now they are together again....Love you Mom and Dad


charlene aka scrappygma said...

DeeDee that is really pretty I sure hope that it does not get taken

Venus said...

Beautiful. I'm sure your parents are smiling upon you.

mosaic1 said...

Really nice. I wish I had 'floral talents'. Alas, I don't! Theft is a big problem at many cemetaries. I couldn't begin to count the arrangements and toppers and wreaths I've had stolen. Such a shame. I'd gladly buy flowers for them if someone needed the flowers that bad, but don't take somebody elses. But the flowers are more for us, our loved ones know we love them. Bless You girlie!

Diana said...

Hi Dee Dee,
Nice to meet you. Your wreath turned out soo good. I like to do crafting but am not so good with wreaths, flowers etc.

I am sure it looks great on your parents grave :-)


Barbara said...

DeeDee, I am so glad my friend found your blog...I have a list of Texas bloggers and will add you to that list.
I am fascinated by your talent and creativeness. We are thinking about going to Waxahachie on the 24th. I will certainly be back to visit and see what wonderful things you are doing.


Proper Prim said...

Oh DeeDee that is so pretty... I am sure your Mom and Dad would be so proud.

Renee said...

This is beautiful and such a loving idea.

Brenda said...

DeeDee this really turned out sooo beautiful! Sad people take from graves of our loved ones.