Saturday, August 29, 2009

Roses & Tags...Just for You

Hi everyone,
I want to intoduce you to my friend Glenna Nash, she is a new Artist for Aimee Asher . She has her first set up for sale in the shoppe...her roses have always been my favorties and I am so glad I can finally now own them for my personal use ...I have not be able to learn to paint them yet so this is my way out..I have know Glenna for several years thru the PCCrafter Board. I am hoping one day in the future to travel to meet her in real person, unitl then we remain online friends.... thanks Miss Glenna..

So for all my rose loving friends.

please take a look at the set here. I am sure you will soon learn to love her stuff like I do ...Let her know I sent you via her page Here.. I am sure she will love the feedback...she goes under that board name of BrickLady...Good luck on your new venture Glenna and please keep me updated for new items.
P.S. if you miss this here I will soon link this in my side bar for you to watch her shoppe grow...


silk purse said...

Thank you Dee Dee for stopping by
Dressing Table Heaven Blog to take a peek and leavve a comment of encouragement; yes they are cute.., I love that little blog, as I adore dressing tables!..,It, (the blog), gets a little obscured I think, because I have six other blogs!..,I love your sweet blog and I enjoyed your recent posting on your artist friend who paints the roses.., I'm going to check out her link now as you suggested..,blessings Silk Purse

solomi558 said...

Hi, Dee Dee, I,m cottonreel saying thanks for joining my blog. This week I,ve been very busy sewing for a cervical cancer charity table . I,m hoping to start blogging again tomorrow. I,m now off to look at the site you mentioned. bye for now , I,ll be back

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Hi Dee Dee! Hey, I'm here to say CONGRATS! You won the Bug Catcher Necklace from my blog giveaway!