Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glue Bottle Holder

I am kinda weird in the fact that I like my glue to be ready to use when I need it. So I always store it somewhere upside down. In my craft bag, it is upside down, in my craft room, it is upside down, everywhere upside down..So I made this to match the rest of my craft room stuff, remember my recycled jars, so this will sit on my table and be the keeper of my upside down glue bottle.. I got this wood pencil holder a while back with a recipe box. I wanted to recipe box to mosaic for one of my girls kitchens. It turned out awesome, can be seen on my slide show at the bottom of my blog. The pencil holder on the other hand has sit in my garage for atleast 3 years...poor thing...Finally it is re-purposed to this beauty. I love it and will use it often breathes a new life now.


Bev said...

Oh this is fab, what a brilliant idea. Love the colour combo too - so pretty x

Brenda said...

wow another awesome project! I always have mine on its side and EVERYONE comes in stands it up!
I might have to do this and they will leave my glue alone!!!
Thanks for the idea!

Terri said...

Wow---what a cute idea! I store the bottles upside down, too! Great minds think alike! LOL Terri

Paula said...

I just love all those little jars and holders you have used for your room. I also keep mine upside down but never thought of a holder for it. Great thinking DeeDee. It is really a cute idea.

LINDA said...

WOW!! This is so awesome..Great idea..
Hugs, Linda

2browneyedbeauties said...

Hey Deede! You have inspired me to do something with ALL of my glass jars I have been storing for a while. I knew great ideas existed, I just haven't come across them until now. I love what you did with those jars, thank you for the inspiraiton!

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

How pretty! Love that idea!

Crystal said... it!

I have a poll up on my blog about my BIGGEST decor dilemma. Come on over and vote, I need all the help I can get!

Liberty :) said...

so pretty! i like upside down glue as well!