Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stitchin Fingers Round Robin- Cat

My friend

Has me in all kinds of fun swaps and round robins with her....
She is surely helping me to enhance my stitching abilities.
 We both Joined the Stitchin Fingers group...
(find thier link on my side bar)

Well we are in a Spring Garden Round Robin Swap

I recieved my first block from
Cat Candow in Canada

 Love the greens for the base as we are to
Stitch flowers and bugs and all kinds
of Spring garden stuff
We also send a book along with it
To journal its journey

Look close at it
Someone has already drawn a small flower on it
Wasn't me...hehehe!
 I noticed it after I took the picture

I did my first Spider web stitchin on her block
Down in the far left corner
Fun part is I stitched a snap to the spider
So he is removable for washing..
Hope they like my idea as I did
Other wise I will be making a spider to attach.


Then I stitched a small Rose Garden
On a fancy little fence
With a rick rack dirt base to boot
Wish I could get a better pic of this.

And here you have it
My little corner all finished up
And ready to ship on to the next person

So now I await my next block to work on
Um! what shall I do to that one
I will have to see it to tell

Happy Sitichin Y'all
Come join us Stitichin Fingers



pchickki said...

Even though I HATE spiders, this is just awesome !

Teddi said...

i like the snap on snap off the spider! the rose garden is very pretty. wouldn't that look lovely on pillow or pillowcase as well?

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

Beautiful work DeeDee... I have always enjoyed your detail...

T's Daily Treasures said...

wow Dee Dee! You really are having a stitching good time! Looks great. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

ShirleyC said...

Great idea, and the block is beautiful so far!