Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blogerette Match Box Swap #1

I joined in with my fellow Blogerette's for a fun Match Box Swap...

I got to make a new freind

She sent me way more goodies than I deserved....
but oh my how it made me feel so loved.

Check it out.
Lots of pics so bare with it....

Even the box it come in was cute

I love this little Piggy

This brooch held a piece of fluer de lis
Stamped fabric
Just my style already uh.

Then this lovely lace trimed box
All full of goodies

Look at this
All the trinkets and gems
My eyes tranverse the box
In great awe!

With all the extra stash too
I feel bad I didn't spoil her as much
As she spoiled me

Look at all this fun stuff I get to play with

Wait! theres even more

And More

Look at this button Card...I so love it

And all these buttons
I have my eye on that pink one
And so many of the others already

I think this is my most favorite from the box
Only becasue I love it!
And I have never seen anything done like this before
I will be using this idea totally
You can count on it.
A small eye glass with a cute graphics on it

Friends please now save me your old glasses!!!

Then this already on my manniquen
In my Bedroom
Her scarf needed this
Love It!

And look at this fun way to share ribbons and trims
Love It!

Just Darling isn't it

I now have some cute little tuck in's for all my swaps
to send just a small note along with

And an ASSORTMENT, yes I said
Not one But several
Assortment of playing cards
Look at all the fun backs
I have never seen so many

UGH! I am as exahusted as I was when I opened this
There is just so much
The never ending gift my new friend
Bestowed upon me

My mind is a whirl with the fun things
I can create with all these little lovelies

I thank you so much

You have made my faith in swapping redeemed again

Please come back for a visit on my next post to see what I sent to Sue
(sad I din't spoil her more)
But I so love my box for her too..

Happy Swapping my Friends


Sassy Marsha said...

WOW, she packed that matchbox FULL with such wonderful treasures!!!!! How fun creating!!


MosaicMagpie said...

Who would think that an eyeglass lens could be so cute! All fun stuff and the clothes pin is great to hold bits of lace!

l.wilks11 said...

How lucky you are to have such a kind friend to send you all those gifts. I am sure your friend loved your gifts to.......x

Susan said...

Lucky you! What treasures stuffed in that little box.

Liz said...

How vintage-ee sweet! I love all the great stuff you got! :) Wasn't this a great swap?!


Lynn Stevens said...

What a great swap, have fun playing with all your new toys!
Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.
hugs Lynn

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It is so fun getting gifts from bloggers!! It always starts with the wrapping. I don't know what it is, but I get so excited, it is like nothing else we ever receive. Great swap!


Patty in Oz said...

Oh what fun your treasures will be! I too felt very spoiled by my swap partner. It was like Christmas to say the least. How clever the little treasures were tucked in with love in all the boxes.

My partner Jo even sent some new rooster towels for my kitchen drawers. So cute & makes me smile.

Yes, making new wonderful friends is the best part of all!

Thank you for sharing.