Friday, July 29, 2011

July Art Group

I attended the July Art Group at

We learnt to distress with paints, stencils and stamps

Here are some of my pages

I distress painted the back side of a
Snickers Ice Cream box
then stamped this lovely Dress form
I will add embellishments soon

Then on this Sample tile from Lowe's
I paint the back side of the tile with gold and black metalics
Then modge podged a black paisley napkin to it.
Will add some laces and gems to this later

On to my manilla envelope on the front side
I painted, distressed, layered and had tons of
Fun expermenting with things
Then I stamped the Fluer De Lis and Cherish on top
Of it all. I have a few small embellisments left for this side
but for now
I like it just fine

The backside of the manilla envelope
I did the same using different distress techniques
And some other fun stamps
A little hand work with my pen
and It is looking pretty good too

I messed a bit with this paint chip ..
Will soon be a fun
Pull out tag

Miss Tracy shared a product that is easy to come by
The packaging from something Prima!

We used different napkins modge podged onto it
On the front I used three different napkins

On the back side I used just one beautiful napkin
Next Month we will be swapping nakins
To build our stash you see!

Then on my own I did a few fun things also
I covered my rings with cute little fabrics covers

A bit of doodling here on my ticket to CATS!

To Zentangles on my Cherrioes Top

Then I Tangled the backside too

Then I had to add a piece of the now famous
Reclaimed Quilt I have been playing with
I made a cute pocket on my pink glittery page

I added a few gems to this page that will soon
Be a journaling page in my book

I hope you are enjoying the journey of my book..
 Cannot wait till next months class
To see what Susan teachs us to do

Happy Garbage Collecting..... hehehe!


l.wilks11 said...

What a lovely post, lots to look at with good ideas.......xx

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

How fun! Keep up the great work! I love that dress form stamping you did!

Teddi said...

looks like you are having so much fun with it! woot woot

Anonymous said...

This is such a good idea - I nearly have the urge to get to my keepsake box and put one together - almost! ;D