Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Reclaimed Quilted Project

I am here again with another project made from my reclaimed quilt
I hope you don't get sick of these becasue
I have a few more on the table to do with this...

Hope you can use it as your inspiration to
Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose
Those things that can have a new life...

This was a special quilt given to me by my friend Nelda
She made a pillow from it and lost inspiration
As to what else she could use it for
I have been sending her updates.
I doubt I will get any more from her now


Here we go ..this time I made a
Quilted Cell Phone Case
For my very own phone.
I can never find pretty ones that
 I  like
Or that fit my phone
So I designed this one
after one that
Janelle Wind
has in her
Pieces of Me book

The front little pocket holds my headset
So I always have it with me

I love it.. and will use it lots too!
Practical reclaimed
Cell Phone Case
Keeps my phone scratch free
And if I drop it
It is padded

Stay tuned for my other projects made
From the reclaimed quilts given to me
They have totally inspired me
To create!!

Happy Stitichin


T's Daily Treasures said...

wow Dee Dee! That quilt sure is getting a fabulous new life in so many ways. Love your quilted phone case. :) I need to crochet one for my phone. Used to have an embroidered one that has fallen apart. Have a great day. Tammy

BiWuBär said...

A real touch of style for the cell phone... ;O) Great idea - and as always so very well done!


Vicki said...

Super cute DeeDee

MosaicMagpie said...

Hey you did it!!! Very cute! How big was that quilt anyways????

Venus said...

Love that you're finding ways to use the old cutter quilt. They add so much charm to a project.