Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation, Vacation

Yep you guessed it...
Mine is long over 
I went up north for Easter
My bloggin is never on time is it.

I did have tons of fun thou
on my way up I stopped in
to spend the night and have dinner with some
of my Railroad freinds there.

Not sure what the name of the place was we ate at
But it doesn't matter.
I so miss these guys

And a new little one and Hubby for me to meet too

I stayed at my Friend Dee's house for the evening
And caught up on many things
always relaxing to be with freinds

The next morning I was up and going
headed to Kansas City, KS to meet a new
Blogland friend, I have been wanting to meet for awhile now

We met at Panera Bread and had great conversations
And exchanged a few gifts

Then I had to head north again
For a dinner stop in Nebraska
To see my girl and her girls
My cousin and her Daughter with her new baby boy
 He is so , so , so adorable
And gave me many kisses
I want to stay here

Fun picture with my girl and I
Don't the girls look like they are having fun.
It was freezing on this day and very windy as you can tell by my hair
Hate being the tallest one, you catch most of the wind.
I gave them all some of my hand made glass angels
To adoren thier windows and watch over them
They both just loved them

I am back headed even farther north now
And it is getting colder. I am in capris and flip-flops
Hope I make it before dark
My next stop is my grand-babeis house
I so cannot wait. I have missed them lots

Thats it for another post
I leave you here in Nebraska
Until tommorow
For the rest of my journey north
to Iowa
Happy traveling for me



Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I had so much fun the day you stopped in my town! I'm so glad I got to meet you in person!
Your photos look like you had a blast...especially the last one! I think it's a great photo!
Have a great week!

MosaicMagpie said...

What a great time it looked as though you were having. So nice to meet blogging buddies!