Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garbage Disposal

Here is a craft that gets you looking at your garbage...
brought to us at Art Group this month with

The Little Blue House

I loved it...
Things I would never look at to craft with
I kept envelopes, ceral boxes, tags from clothes,
Cards from freinds..
You name it..
It can go in here.
Take a look with me

We used old books as the cover
I chose a blank one so I can really decorate it

I won this bingo card at

I use the book binding just to add character

A card from a friend and a calendar page
from my Betty Boop Calendar
Envelopes of all kinds

I eat cheerios everyday for breakfast
A graphic from one of my
Crafting buddies on this day
We all shared our garbage with each other
An old ledger page

An old post card collected along the way
A crown from a Medevil Times visit
A trimmed piece of scrapbook paper

As you can see you can add anything you'd like to
Your book..
and believe me it grows quickly too
Next month we will be decorating it
And Journaling in it...
And building a
Character for this book..
I since have changed my cover
I will be making a book of my railroad career
And a book about me the artist/ designer/ creator
That I am..

You still have time to catch up and do this with us
Collect your garbage and get it on to the binder rings
Then next month I will show you the next step
I love recycling things
Don't you!

I am an admitted Dumpster Diver too
I like to make all things have a new life
Wish it worked that way for people sometimes too

Happy Garbage Collecting
See ya next month on this one


Denise said...

You know, I have been looking at garbage lately.. hahaha....... no really.... We have been going to garage sales again and I have been on the "stuff" tables and have found some GREAT treasures...... I am making "Denise's Garden Goodies" I will post some next week.. Maybe even sell some.. They are great fun and they come from the 'cast away crowd" Maybe I should change the name of them to the Garden Cast A ways! Have a great weekend......

T's Daily Treasures said...

I save cereal boxes, anything plastic, jars, cans ... I'm running out of room and driving myself crazy with it all. Guess I better get to crafting with it all so I can gift my trash to others. ha! Your journal is gonna be great. Have a terrific Thursday. Tammy

MosaicMagpie said...

That journal/book is going to be great! Now I am looking at all my trash with a new eye. Thanks alot DeeDee, I was already a hoarder and now I will be collecting paper too!

BiWuBär said...

What a lovely idea to store and show lovely pieces, tags, cards etc. - you call that "garbage", I call that... hmmmm... memories? ;O)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh no - here I am trying my best to downsize and you go and tell me about this and make me want to start saving 'stuff' all over again!!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a crafty idea! It's so easy to personalize with such directions. And you crafted Green as well. Just love that eco conscious blogging!

Lynette Killam said...

I love this journal, Dee away to forage in my recycling bin as soon as I'm off the computer! My menfolk have suggested I might be a paper pack rat,(?!) so I already have a lot of supplies to work with.
I will definitely check in again to play along with you on this.

I'm delighted to see you're taking part in Karen's studio tour as well. Last year was my first and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you too, for your lovely comment on my Oreo post. I'm sorry to hear you lost your own little soul recently, bs you say, we will always have their spirits safely held with ours...:)

Susan said...

So glad you enjoyed the art group journal. Can't wait to see all of them again next month. Your's is looking great!

Teddi said...

freakin awesome DD!