Monday, June 6, 2011

Vacation Moving On North Bound

I am still treking North this time
On my way to Iowa
Thats where my Grandbabies are
Along with my daughter , and the rest of my
Family and Friends
I have with me you see
The Famous Easter Bunny
strapped right in the front seat with me
The kids are waiting to see him

And here they are waiting just for me
And the Easter bunny ofcourse
Oh this is a Happy crying Grandma kinda day

Every where we went the Easter Bunny went too
My Grandson was attached to him
Talked to him and treated him like his friend
I told them if the Easter bunny dissappered that meant
Some one was bad and he moved on to a good kids house
My grand-daughter didn't care if he left or not..
The Grandson kept close tabs in him

So I got there not long before Easter and we needed to get things ready

My Daughter had egg coloring kits for each of them

They made tons of beautiful eggs to hide

My Grandson is so methodical while doing his eggs

My Granddaughter is all out coloring and
Dying and painting them all

After this I had a bit of time to put together a Egg for
My neice

Her and I went to the Religous park 
to see the sites and walk and talk a bit
I only get to see her for a little while

She is a precious little girl
I so love being with her
 Not her idea of a great time
But it was quiet and we could talk and walk
and hold hands

Then we headed back to my Daughter's House
She had Praire Days coming up at School
So I brought home a dress in her favorite color to wear
It was her Big Sisters dress from when she went
I made beautiful dresses for my girls
This one had a matching lunch box that she loved

Then later that evening I watched as my girl prepared her baskets from Daddy
for the kids... I am so impressed with my girl during this Deployment
I was so happy to tell her just that too
She has grown to be quite the young Lady
and getting a bit crafty too
Big smiles from me
On this one
I love and miss her so.

Tommorows the big day.. and what a day we have planned

See you for Easter



Shazza said...

Congrats Dee Dee (Johnson) on your littl win from Friday Night live from the 'Littl Blue House....You go girl!!!!
From Australia

BiWuBär said...

You sure had a great time with your family... clever idea to colour the eggs in the nude... no ruined clothes... (LOL).


MosaicMagpie said...

What a great time you had. If you could spend more time there, you would have them all crafting full time. I know you are proud of your daughter as you have told me many times you are. What a wonderful job she is doing with these precious children. I know she will be happy to have her "soldier boy" home safe and sound.