Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scrap Stashers October

I was over at The Little Blue House in October for another session of Scrap Scrap Stashers you do not know what you are making until you it is hard to plan ahead of is a challenge a bit to use your scraps in the best possible ways. I followed the directions of what to bring...they post that to thier blog before class. this month we made strips for Halloween and Strips for Christmas...

here is what we did:

Iris Folding

My Pumpkin Card
made with my favorite Hobby Lobby line of papers
I find myself using these papers lots
so have many scraps

and my Christmas Tree Card

1). This was way easier than I thought it would be
2). I loved doing it
3). I will do it again, drew up my own patterns
so stay tuned for future posts for them

Ok on to my promised storage idea from Angie at Crafting with Angie

I loved it when I seen it and now I use it really has helped me use my scraps

take one of these

and do this to it

the tabs are labeled with solids and prints of each color catagory

and it is portable...great idea Angie...thanks so much for sharing it.

See ya for next months Scrap Stashers


MosaicMagpie said...

You are always coming up with cute ideas. Great job on these.

WW said...

Isn't iris folding fun? Such a great way to use up scraps.