Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Sweater Set

Of a different kind...I went to a local craft sale and seen many, many pumpkins..I always get so inspired at those places...hehehe! .one pumpkin made of chenelle that caught my eye especially..then I remembered earlier in the day while blogging a tutorial for some made from sweater sleaves....after leaving there my friend Becky and I went to a local thrift store in search of some items she needed for a costume she was putting together...I had pumpkins on my mind still...so I searched for some supplies while there ...I found what I needed and I couldn't believe it..

Here are the results I come out with from this...simple orangish sweater and a scrap piece of white chenelle fabric

A tall pumpkin 

a small pumpkin

a round pumpkin made of fine died chenelle.

a threesome of pumpkins

I like this new little sweater set...how about you?

I had fun making these little cuties...and will gladly add them to my fall stash.
if I can find the directions for these in blog land again I will update with the link.
if you see them please let me know where..had I know they would have a direct impact on my day I would have really looked at where I was while wondering thru blogland...never thought I'd be making them at all...but here they are so unexpected and cute..thanks to the creator  whom ever you are in blogland...I know I left a comment there too

Happy Fall Y'all


P.S. I found the tutorial I seen to make this go

they are so easy and so cute....



Elaine said...

These are such sweet little pumpkins.. I wish i had learned to knit crochet and any of the craty things..

MosaicMagpie said...

Cutest little sweater set I have ever seen.

Deb Kennedy said...

Oh.My.GAWD!!!! These are so CUTE! I LOVE love love the way you used the doily as a collar - too freakin' cute! Thank you so much for sending me a comment on my blog post, for linking to it from yours, and for sharing your darling little pumpkins with me, Dee Dee - I just love them!

Deb @ Hummadeedledee & Retreat

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Dee Dee. I've seen lots of folks making these wonderful pumpkins from so many different things. Your's turned out beautifully! And I love your stash buster projects too. Always fun and inspiring things going on over here. Best wishes, Tammy :)

Venus said...

Your little pumpkins are super cute! How awesome you found the perfect colored orange sweater to make them.

Teddi said...

what magical little pumpkins