Friday, April 24, 2009

Look See What is Happening in My Yard Already

I only planted my garden 3 days ago and already my lettuce and radish are popping thru the dirt...and my tomatoes have buds on them...

Lucky loves the little sidewalks and playing in the sprinkler from my frog's little belly.

watch for progress on this.



Paula said...

You will be able to run your own little stand on the side of the road pretty soon DeeDee. I cant wait to see it in a few days time.Alot of work but I know you will enjoy every minute of the rewards..Have fun.

Jacqs said...

Oh my goodness what a lot of talents you have Dee Dee! I had to pull myself away when I got to number 150 of your craft list. Meant to stop at 100 but couldn't lol. so glad I found a wat to communicate with you at last as seemed to have lost your email (if I ever had it lol) Saw you made the newsletter with pccrafter but couldn't remember my sign in so couldn't respond. Thanks for message on AA. Good luck with your blog and will follow you if I know how to lol.
Take care for now
Jacqs in UK xx

charlene aka scrappygma said...

what a cute little yard you have ! Hope all is going well with you and the kids.

Venus said...

Love your yard. I can't believe Lucky likes playing in the water sprinkler! Give him a snuggle for me!