Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Craft It Forward!

I was visiting a blog tonight ..... and she was hosting a Craft It Forward, which I am now continuing on my blog!

What is a Craft It Forward you ask??? Well the first five people to respond to this post will get something handmade by me!

Here are the restrictions that come with this:
*There are no guarantees you will like what I make...although I sure hope you do!
*What I create will be just for you
*You'll receive it this year (2009)
*The item will be a surprise to you and can be ANYTHING handmade
*And in return, all you need to do is post this text into your blog, email me the link back to your Craft It Forward blog, your snail mail addy and make 5 things for 5 people.

My email address is: keep this going!


Venus said...

DeeDee I would love to play along but I don't have a blog to post to. I know anything you make will be wonderful though. Good luck with this activity.

Sandie said...

DeeDee, everything looks wonderful on your blog. You are doing great, girl. Keep up the crafting. Love love love the vege markers. Hugs from Australia,

craftNmommy said...

DeeDee, I want to craft it forward! How fun... Sending you an email and here's a link back to my blog

pixiegem said...

i'd love to play too but i don't have a blog to post to. sorry. you're doing great with your blog though, keep up the great work!!! i know you love doing it. :)

Doodle said...

Wow! I hope I did this right ~ sending you an email now! Thanks!

Raven said...

Interesting concept. Anthing you make for someone will be beautiful. Too bad I can't join as I have no Blog and no time nor idea how to make one.

Good luck on your CIF and I'll be checking your blog often.