Friday, May 1, 2009

Something for My Granddaughter....

I made these magnetic paper dolls for my Granddaughter..the tray has 4 interchagebale backgrounds, three different dolls....with a boy coming soon...and the box has a magnet on the back so it also sticks to the tray making it a perfect toy for travel... I hope her and I have fun with this on my vacation...
P.S. All graphics by artists at
Magnetic Paper Dolls

Magnet sheets for the printer
Metal Cookie sheet
Spray Paint in desired color
Clear Sealant Spray
Metal tin
Embellishments as desired
Sticker Paper
Large Square magnets

Graphics used by: Gina Jane Johnson and Carolee Jones

Paper Dolls:

1.) Size dolls to fit inside metal tin. Size clothes and print onto magnetic sheets.
2.) Cut out all pieces, may embellish top pieces as desired

Tin Tray and Scenery:

1.) Spray paint metal cookie sheet, let dry, spray with a clear sealant
(This step is optional, may leave tray silver also).
2.) Size Graphics to fit full page with different sceneries.
3.) Place inside cookie sheet

Storage Tin for Dolls:

1.) Measure Lid of tin
2.) Size graphics to fit tin top, print onto sticker paper, cut out and apply to lid of tin
3.) Embellish as desired
4.) Place large magnet on backside of tin.


Nita said...

This is awesome!! I know Danika will love it. Just as Emma has hers.

Paula said...

Cute and more cute DeeDee. Love the idea..I know you will have alot of fun playing with it. lol

Doodle said...

Very cute! ;o)

Ginger said...

Too cute!

Venu said...

Those are so cute. Danika is going to LOVE it! You always come up with the neatest things.

Jacqs said...

Dee Dee these are just gorgeous. I wish I was coming on vacation with you. These would keep me quite for hours. Promise!

Angie P said...

what a great idea DeeDee! she is gonna love it!