Monday, May 4, 2009

Recipe Box for My Girl Ashley

When my girls get thier first homes I make them a special recipe box. This is the last of my three girls...(of course now I have a grand-daughter..) And I had mixed feelings...the list of things they get is this. The recipe box, a book with family recipes inside hand written by my mother and a marble rolling pin ( has many added 4 different kinds of magnets my last one this is and all so different to fit the personalities of the girls..

all graphics from PCCrafter
Altered Recipe Box

1 Wood Recipe Box
Paint in your choice of color
Sticker paper
Clear sealant spray
Modge Podge
Sticky backed Felt

P C Crafter Artist Used: Assorted Artists

1.) Paint recipe box inside and out, let dry
2.) Measure box for graphics sizes
3.) Print all graphics on sticker paper, spray with sealant and cut out.
4.) Apply graphics as desired to decorate your recipe box.
5.) Seal entire box with Modge Podge and let dry thoroughly.
6.) Fit sticky backed felt to box bottom.

Add decorated dividers and PC Crafter monthly recipe cards for a complete set…


Ginger said...


Brenda said...

WOW What an amazing recipe box! So beautifuly done.Your daughters will treasure this! I am sure you have inspired them to carry on the tradition to their daughters.A beautiful keepsake!

Nita said...

AWESOME!!!! can I be one of the "girls"? I really love this one.

Venus said...

Awesome recipe box! I love that you added a few items to make it a gift set. I scanned pages of my mom's handwritten recipes, printed them off and bound them into a book. I put a picture of my mom on the front cover. I wish I'd have thought to add magnets or a recipe card holder at the time.

Crafty Tami said...

I love this project Dee Dee - I am sure that she will too. :-)

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