Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning Zentangles

I was so happy when my local glass shop
Merry Go Round Glass
Had a 2 part class to learn Zentangles
In one class you did your Tangles..
In the next you made a project with your Tangles 
So here we go
This is everyones first Tangle

And me having a good hair day
(its so hot in Texas)
Displaying my first Tangle

Our fun and fabulous instructor
Bobbie Florida

And here are some examplers of next weeks project
Fun ideas uh
Cannot wait to see what everyone creates

I had a great time
I look forward to creating
A fun Solder project
With my Tangles

I love Zentangles!!
So relaxing, So creative
And never wrong
Try it out
Find more info at

Happy Tangling


Anonymous said...

Those are great. I must like black and white because I seem to remember you doing a paper dress design which I really liked too. :D

MosaicMagpie said...

You have the greatest shops where you live! That glass shop and the little blue wonder you are so talented and make such lovely things!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Zentangles are fun for so many reasons. As you say, you can do no wrong. I like the fact that you only need a couple of things (paper and a drawing instrument) and you're in business. Nothing fancy but lots of fun.