Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Pin Cushion Sew-A-Bit

  I got another pin cushion base in the mail and
have done a bit of work on it....
this one is for

 it  already visited

 she did all the flowers and the cute little tree....
she is also our hosted for this fun swap around...

Val wanted us to add something special to us or where we are from...
so I added a Longhorn and some BlueBonnets....
All so very Texas!!!

here is the last one I had with me from

I added this little bunny because she was with me close to Easter
this is only my second try at this kind
of hand work
it is so much fun
and very creative too

this one has moved on to its next home with

cannot wait to see the fun things she adds...
I see she has
added some fun details to my base over at

I so love the little details she added
and she has a great tip for us
all to use and try too

thanks Val

check them all out in updates at

Happy Stitchin



BiWuBär said...

What a nice idea - who would have thought that such a tiny thing as a pincushion offers so much space for so many creative people? ;O)


BubzRugz said...

Great post DeeDee...... I love the new longhorn and blue bonnets...

Denise said...

I have got to get busy sewing! Love the little pin cushion!

M said...

very creative pieces!

Val said...

I love it DeeDee. The longhorn is perfect. Thanks for all the mentions. Can't wait to get the next pincushion.