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Hi my name is DeeDee and this is my personal Craft Journal...This is where I will post the multitude of crafts that I do...A few personal things might slip in here and there but for the most part I am a crafter/ designer and that is what you will see....Comment if you like, I would love the to hear from you....make today your day to stop and craft it away....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Covered Pens.

   Here is the 3rd craft  for my Annual Christmas Craft Party. I made these with my meet-up groupd called Texas Art Glass from Sculpey clay. . I just loved them and knew I wanted to make more and I knew it would be easy enough for my friends to make here are mine. I decided I wanted to make  breast cancer this lovely shade of pink worked well.

I burnt my first attempt. BAD!!!. I was sad becasue I really liked this one alot. Lesson learnt to watch them cook  check back for the cool ones my freinds all made....


T's Daily Treasures said...

I want to come craft with you and your friends. Too bad I am 10,000 miles away. :( Looks like a lot of fun! Blessings, :) Tammy

Brenda said...

Wow awesome job DeeDee I loveeee making these!!! I know what ya mean about the burnt should see what I did with my doggie one, I did try to fix him and learnt so much. I also like taking the "mixed clay" (the clay the kids get the colors mixed up) and cover it with a shade to match the pen and make a holder.
I have made so many of these as gifts and hand them out at the store to my favorite guests.