Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Ornaments

I know it is almost New Years but..I had to post the rest of what I did for can tag them for next year if you need too ok....

this is a machine embroideried Ornament....I have made for my freind Becky, she gets a different one every year

then this Santa one, solder and etched...
for my Annual Christmas Party Guests as a gift from me

And this Glittery one is what they will be making at my party

So love these, simple and pretty...Thanks for the idea and directions

then this is one I recieved from my freind and fellow crafter Ann Marie
isn't it pretty... I loved it..lacely , and cute... Nice work Ann Marie

Well that wraps up yet another year of ornaments for me...
Happy New Years my freinds.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Special Pin Cushion

I made a special pin cushion for my freind....well I know they are all over the different shapes and sizes and all the fun frilly stuff on them

but this is my first and prally last one I will I didn't have a great idea to make it all thou it is pretty nothing to great
I did make some fun pins to go with it

and look at this is the special is hold  the pins
glue a strong magnet to the bottom and Wha La! its magnetic..

hehehe! I just loved that part and I hope she does too..

I also made her a needle keep to go along with it... I recieved one as a gift from Donna at Brynwood Needleworks  1st Birthday Celbration.  I love it and use it often along with my nedle minder she made me... I asked if I could take a pattern off it to make one for my Freind...she said, "yes"  so here is my the pin cushion...nothing to fancy

but what a perfect set...don't you agree

Happy Holidays


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scarfs and Hats for Christmas

I am glad I can finally post the things I made as Christmas gifts this year....the kids all got fleece hats and matching scarfs with thier names on them... I had fun with these too.
Miss Hannah is 8 years these little girl skeletons are fun for her

add a funky fun pattern

and Wha la!  cuteness...her mom says she knows she will love these..I like that lots..

Pink Pony Tails...

Now my grand-daughter, 5 years old needed something special to her,
Pink support her daddy in Afganistan
with a dash of Pink Sparkly Stuff...she insists on this

And a Pink Pony Tail

here it is ...the pink sparkly stuff she so loves

on to my litte man....grandson 3 years old...he too is supporting daddy in Afganistan this year so camo for him to....with little ear flappers....he will be so darned cute in this..and he gets ear infections easily so this will help him out also..

all personalized for each of my little loves to stay warm up north...
I love working with fleece...please give a round of applause for my little models.. Jenni is the one with the pretty makeup plain little white guy is for the boy stuff....

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Altered State Of Tin

And my friend Patti with blog Treasure Barn opened a new shop on ETSY called Altered State of Tin ....her and I swapped....I sent her some tins and she sent me an altered tin...great deal for me. When I recieved my tin I instantly started to cry....not becasue it was ugly or bad ....but because she read me well...She knows my one big love in life is my puppies Bentley and Lucky my little pomerainans.

look at how precious this is and she sized them perfectly too... Lucky is about that much smaller than Bentley

inside and out... just charming

what she didn't know was a few days prior I had decided that after the first of the year it will be time to put my little pommie named Lucky down...he was badly abused when I got him...he is such a trooper...but arthritist, loosing site, loosing hearing and no teeth to eat properly all on top or breathing problems,.,, bless his heart he still loves life with all his heart. I have been trying to get myself ready... Spring is the hardest time of year for him ...due to allergies.. I just cannot put him threw another season.   This little tin is perfect to hold his little bitty doggie tags...Thats why it made me cry so...she had no way of knowing, but she pegged what I needed right on...

then she also added this beautiful little necklace to the bundle...a true treasure.

I sent her 10 tins to as you can see I think I got the better end of the deal....

please visit her at her ETSY Shoppe
and her  Blog

you will see what I see...some fabulous tin items
thanks Patti

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Daughters Gifts.

Are not entirely handmade by me....there is a site on Facebook called Pink Beret Designs that Ishopped with on Black Friday...I never shop black friday...but this year for some reason I did...I purchased the Army Wife badge and won the coin purse and key ring
what a great experience.

after christmas I will be making her a purse to match it all...ran out of time

then I saw these were being given away at Canvas People for FREE!   my price range indeed

I did add the " Believe in Love" cut from vinyl and a nice stand to hold it...
my list was shorter than past years...but I have felt the economic impact like all in my heart I created all the fun gifts I could muster up..
all handmade with Love...

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 26, 2010 my house

All my gifts this year are I had to do something fun for my littleman...he loves those wood snakes that when I seen these fun guys at Hobby Lobby I thought these will work..

now I am not a my alcohol inks come into play 

I think they turned out ok..
and I know he will love them no matter what color they are .....right?

hehehe! they will be cute stocking list is growing entirely hand made christmas is almost to a end...

Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day for Our Soldiers

I want to stop today and and thank our soldiers...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thanks so much for the things you do....I have had the pleasure thru this holiday season to see many of our service members out and about the town to personally say thanks to them for thier duty and service...
Plus my families sacrafice of my son in law in Afganistan
I keep you all in my heart and prayers for a safe happy return to your families
And thanks to the families that support them all
Tis the Season for giving
this is what they do..they give thier best for all of us
to be free and safe here at home..


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

From Lucky and Bentley

Bentley got his gifts and hated the you say adorable
check out his thinks he isn't so lucky


since we wanted smiling faces we took off the changed his name....much better

he loves his new squeaky toy. (pssst. I don't ) and his yummy doggie treats

and Little Lucky in his Santa coat....he so loves to wear that....he prances so pretty when he has this on...he loved his little toy and yummy doggie treats too..

From me and my closest little furbabies...
Happy Holidays..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A gift for Hannah

If you have followed my blog for very long you know...I recently found out I have a niece named Hannah . I met her in August when I went up north and fell in Love with her....I wanted to make a special gift for her since she has never seen or known our family... I made her a picture album of family pictures...she is the kinda little girl (8years old) that treasures I am sure this will be a treasure with her..

I decorated the front up pretty and wrote some specials things just for her on the inside too..
I hope to see her again in the spring sometime..

Happy Holidays..


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Craft Parties

I have been a party girl this year for sure...I attended parties with both my Scrapbooking groups this year also... at both we did the Chineese Christmas Exchange...It is very fun ...but when you get the good out ...hard to hold on to

at the first one I got this , a black wood try you can add photos to...I plan on adding scrapbook paper to make a tray for my guest room...

the other party I got a bag that had a beautiful Journal and some photo brain clicked and thought.. I can use these with my photo tray from the last party...SWEET! ...
well remember what I said if you get the good gift it is sometimes hard to hold onto...STOLEN!   UGH!..
  but I got something I liked for me in return.

a Scentsy tray for my car and some flowers to embelish away...
so it turned out good
one thing for my guests to use and the others for me to use..

the spirt of the season is, I got to spend time with many of my freinds this year... I have had a blast...I have two more parties to attend before I call this year good...
I was truely blessed in this past year to make some good freinds to hang out holiday is always away from family so this fills my heart with new joys. I am also blessed to have a new schedule that accomendates a social life a bit now my work life and my social life are more compatable..I think I might start to like it here..

Happy Holidays Everyone
and thanks for all the invites too

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Craft Party

At The Little Blue House...I was so happy to be able to attend this function...and man did I have a good time too..we made some awesome fun things too...let the party begin

we started in Tracy from Create Joy

we made a pretty decorated bag to carry all our fun stuff with us from room to room

then these beautuful glittered bags...I had to purchase the stuff to make more of these...I loved them lots

oh and these cute little decorated tins....that little birdie is so cute on mine...

and then this personalized litte note pad...adorbale and so very easy...

Click Here to see the bread wraps and cookie / popcorn bags  we did with Lolly from Lolly Chops, I was so excited to met her and craft with her I didn't even take a picture of my stuff, but I did get one of Lolly , Myself and Tracy...funtimes right here...


then we went on to Santas work shop...all the rooms had a special name...but I must say I wasn't blogging this day so cannot remember the other two rooms unlike me I tell bad.

In Santa's Workshop I met with Susan of Artful Musings and Elaine from Glitter Me Happy

and they taught us some more wonderful this point I am verging on over load of fun...But this little Narly Santa has just stolen my heart...and I know for a fact I will be making him for some freinds soon

this little penguin box went on a special journey to my grandsons stocking..

we did a stocking in here too..but like Lolly's room no picture of mine so check it out Here what was I doing this day...I guess I should have used the litel book they made us to jounral so I could remember a few

then it was time to check out with all the fun stuff I now needed to have in my supply cabinet and I spent a few minutes with

always a pleasure to go to The Little Blue House  in Keller, Texas...these ladies certainly know how to treat you right and show you a good time..

I had another surprise when I got two friends Janice and Julie My Uppercase Living Rep were there to craft with me...has been a good while since I got to see them....we enjoyed dinner afterwards to catch up again..


What a very good time I had....and it couldn't be complete without a visit from the Big Guy Santa....and he had gifts for us...bags full of fun surprises...since I get few gifts mine is under the tree at home waiting for Christmas to be opened so will have to let you know what we got...

my Grand-daughter got a kick outta this picture...she thought sure I told Santa she had been a bad girl...

The to the ladies at The Little Blue House for making my holiday season more enjoyable

Happy Holidays all my blogland freinds

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hand Made Christmas Ornaments

I did a few ornaments this year for family and friends...
my friends gifts are made with the glitter favorite share from last year...that is still awesome this year too
check out the video to make these..

another glitter ornament that I made, I used up the extra small rub ons

not sure who will get this one

Then I made two of the small pink heart ornaments for Hannah. She has a pink glittery Mickey Mouse tree so thought these might just fit in there..and I personalized them with a vinyl "H" just for her...added some furry stuff and a gem and she is all dolled up now isn't she...

then this litte Femo clay angel with her name on it..can't take credit for making this one but I want to work more with clay to achieve something like this

Then I needed a cute ornament for my Grand-daughter.. she had some fruit snacks while visitng and I spied this, such a very cute Tinker Bell graphic on that box.....look at how beautiful this turned out...I love that I can put almost anything between glass and make it pretty

and my new favorite share for this year, was my Snowmen Lightbulbs
you can find the directions to do these fun guys HERE

I like the motion light bulbs alot,, but even a normal little light bulb can be so very cute too

and the one other ornament I did this year...comes with the German Folklore of the Christmas Spider...since we are of German Decent this was perfect..I sent this to all my for each one with its own little story book and a note from me

I think next year I might need to make one to go with my Norweigian Decent in mind...

Thats my ornaments for this year...please check out the directions I have for you and make you some easy fun ornies to end out this year...theres still plenty of time...

Happy Holidays