Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pirate Box

Box Before

Box After---- Now my treasure Chest

This is my before and after shots of my pirates Box for my Halloween Costume this year..what you think I should put in it for a treasure?

Embroidery Crosses

These are my most favorite things to make..I have a old embroidery machine, but look see it can still make som beautiful designs like this..these were purchased at  Embroidery Library ..The red and gold are my favorite colors for this...but look at this pink one...georgous isn't it..I made these for my friend Dee that is coming to visit me this next month...She orders these from me on a regular basis...these make the best gifts.  Oh yeah this is my 150 post already...since April.   6 months...I think I must craft alot is an important part of my mind is always on create no matter what it is that I am doing..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Texas Acorns

My Blogland Friend named Donna at  Brynwood Needlesworks set out a request for acorns from around the country...I was curious about the acorns in would think they'd be huge uh?....well in all actuallity they are quite small and mahogany colored. I found this to be very interesting. I am from up north and they are different shaped and much bigger....Check out her blog it is a lovely place to sit for awhile...and watch for all the fun acorns she is collecting along the way also.

  Graphics from: PCCrafter.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Spooky " Halloween Card

Ok I will get myself back to something a bit closer to the next I made this card for my grandbabies for Halloween...I went to my local scrapbooking shop and cut the die cuts from chip board ( cheerios box) them embellished them as shown. this was started with a white card base...I used sprays and stamps to embellish it.....I love the chip board machine ( cuttlebug and a Accu-cut machine) . It makes some fun shapes to add dimension to your projects. Stickles and Diamond glaze for more interest...then the martha stewart corner punch on the corners.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got the Christmas Spirit Already

I totally want to craft chrsitmas stuff....I love making anything christmas. ..these are for my friends that come to my Christmas craft party every year...this will hold all the goodies to make three projects I will teach. I have the same 4 ladies every year and one new one every year for a total 5 ladies in my small craft room..we all have so much fun thou even with the tight squeeze..We all look forward to this every year..they are all asking already what we are they got me going on a few will be thier gift along with a special ornament from me. The things we make at the party will be something they can make for thier family and friends this year also.

I Made this with a large plastic coffee can. I cleaned it out with soap and water...poured some vanilla on a newspaper and set out in the sun with the lids on it...gets the coffee smell out..then I wiped a bit of vanilla on the inside of the canister wha la! ready for cookies....These graphics were purchased from over a year ago..I run them thru my xyron so they will stick on nicely and there ya have it...A beautiful canister...these work well for mailing goodies also...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Shoes Made New Again

My favorite shoes were getting so old and scuffed that I bought one of those Sharpie wood repair pens and fixed them right up...Now they look pretty sharp again and ready to wear for a longer time.. these pens worked great to dye the wood a darker color...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Surprise.....look here...

I made this as part of my Halloween costume...I will be making that pretty soon too. I am going to be a Pirate and this is my treasure box. Inside will hold a treasure for one of the party go-er's that can find where I hide the key...this way the hostess can play along too. She has a huge party planned so thought I would find a way to include her also.

I need ideas of what the treasure can be...can you help me out...Leave in you comments....I will look them over and pick one for my Halloween night...please can you help ..

I will have a special halloween prize if I use one of your I allowed to keep it a secret?.....evil I am .

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Cross

I have had the stuff to make this cross for some time now. I was inspired today to get it done. Having the E6000 glue helped to. I run out and have a few projects on hold waiting for E6000 and Modge

I used a old rusty cross I purchased at an antique shop In Waxahacie, TX when I was running around the square shopping. 9" Wood cross is from Hobby Loddy painted it with faux metal spray paint.. painted the cross black and used Rub-n-Buff for the gold highlights added the red gems...and I got a cross that matches my decor...I love it.

The beautiful sun light we got this week after 7 days of rain helped this picture to be perfectly lighted.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sewing Box

I made this little box for my small stash of sewing things..I love this creatbale from Debbie Mumm sold at PCCrafter. These graphics fit my sewing needs perfectly...I purchased the wood box at my local Hobby is small enough to take the stuff for a small project with me and work on them where ever I am...
Sewing Box

1 Wood Box- purchased at Hobby Lobby
White sticker paper
Ribbon to match
White Paint
Modge Podge matte finish

Graphics By: Debbie Mumm Debbie Mumm’s Quilt Shop

1.) Paint box inside and out…let dry thoroughly.
2.) Size graphics to fit measurements of your box. Print onto sticker paper and cut out
3.) Apply graphics as desired
4.) Punch whole for ribbon pull on box lid
5.) Embellish as desired

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas Gift Card Holder

I seen this idea at Stamping with Roxy. and thought that is a really cute one...and guess what I have the punches for it already. Go figure that never happens to me...I am kinda in the christmas mode for some reason this please enjoy my holiday spirit while it lasts ok...So check out Roxy's site and make you some fun gift card holders for any holiday you choose..she has full directions on her blog..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mixed Media Art Collage

I attended a glass worshop thru called Texas Art Glass. I have so much fun at this class that is held once a month on Sundays...yep I did this last Sunday but didn't finish it up until today....some may think it gaudy, some may think it to much......but for my eye this turned out to be an awesome picture frame for my little dog Lucky. Picture can be changed out also.

I started with an artist canvas 11x 14 that we covered with gesso so the things applied would adhere well ..then the fun part... we just started gluing all the fun things on...first the back layer I did papers and laces. adhered with liquitex matte medium..this made the toned down effect of the layer I did more laces and layer the big bulky stuff glued on with E6000 glue ...then finally the little picture applied with garter clips I bought while visiting my friend in Wichita, KS at a shop down town called Ms Oleary's. If you go here Joni has the best altered items ever way in the back so make sure you venture thru ..I am kinda glad this place is far, far away..or my pocket book would be empty for real..

So take your try at this fun art form and see where you creativeness takes you..the results are endless.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Front Door

Since I have shown my front doors inside, my back door that I enter I thought I should show where my guests enter.. hard to get good pics do to the long entry I have but here is the best I got....I painted it all black and distressed a little...I have a burgandy glass screen door surround. I then added my Welcome that I purchased from Julie at Uppercase Living..added a lacey effect on top and a few other of my creations and wha-la! I welcome all my friends in style....check out Julie's site for so many awesome ideas using vinyls...also check out my blog for other vinly creations...I am totaly hooked on it.

Ok so now please I have shown you my welcome door ..please come by for a visit even if it is only my blog..I will keep you crafting for weeks I am sure.. I do all kinds of crafts but, one of my favorites is recycling or transformations... stay for a bit and take a peek around..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking of Christmas

Already.....I was working with a friend using some UpperCase living samples my friend Julie left with me....and some how these ornaments transpired.. you can find these samples and many more great ideas at Julie's site. If you have never used Uppercase Living vinyl's you are really missing out..very simple to transform the plain things in your life into something awesome and upscale in the design world.

I purchased the red metal plaque yesterday and Hobby Lobby for less the $1.50 the other is made from acrylic I purchased at Lowe's and had cut to size. Add a few embellishments and
Wha-La! instant ornaments. I think these will be gifts for a young lady I worked next too for over a year now..I took on a new position so we will not even see each other...I will surely miss you Miss Anna..
So ladies there you have it, quick fun ornaments that take less then 30 minutes to make ...have fun and make your Christmas easy with vinyl lettering.. ..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Have You Ever Been Scared

I mean so scared your heart was racing and you felt faint....I felt this in Texas it has been raining for 4 days straight...yep non between our houses is the water run off.
I don't usually think much about this until yesterday..I let my little Pomeranian Lucky out to go potty in the back yard..and it was raining pretty good.
But he had to go I stood in the door way and watched him...good thing I did becasue he stepped off the patio into the water run was like a river to his little 3.5lb swooshed him away so quickly I lost site of him..I ran out the door in my nighty in the pouring rain to catch him...he made it almost to the street from the back of my house tumbling in the running water. the water was running so hard it had pushed the gate he went right thru..
I grabbed him thinking man he will fit right down the sewer hole and not knowing if he had already heart was pounding so hard..he is my only little baby here with me..I love him so much..he was choking and gagging when I got to him...a wet sop of hair, his little eyes so big looking in relief and scared at the sight me..he snuggled down to my body so hard and was shaking in fear...thank you God for answering my prayers... he is going ot be ok...I was so scared...
Lucky 1'

Lucky is a rescue dog that has been thru lots of abuse before I found him....We have been thru lots in the last 8 years...he is getting on in age and I know one day...just one day he will be in God's hands..just so glad it wasn't this day. He is just so darned cute and lovable..anyone that knows me,knows my little dog Lucky.
After it all settled down I was so very grateful Lucky was ok and the fact that my neighbors didn't see me sopping wet in my nighty in the pouring rain...what a site I must have been...but I was blessed....