Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years 2010

Happy New Year all my blogland freinds...I got this free graphic over at The Graphics Fairy she offers tons of free graphics for your crafting needs..check here site out... I want to wish you all a safe and happy new year...I hope this year brings prosper, health and happiness to all my family and safe...I am...

Happy New Year


Monday, December 28, 2009

Please preview this site for me...

My friend Tyler at Living Rooms Direct is offering some great options for you to shop on line...Soon I will be previewing one special item he is going to send to me....then I will post my review to you can see the and hear the quality items he can offer check it out at Living Rooms Direct  drop a note and tell me if this is a site you like or would use...  he also has this site going too Sofas..Have a Happy shopping New years


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

   Look what I got for Christmas......SNOW!!!......I think this is heaven sent just for me...I only love the first snow and snow on Christmas...I have recieved both this year......Sorry to all the Texans and the Northern people that live here and don't like it...I know most are disappointed...But not I ......I feel blessed from the heavens above. N0w this is Christmas...

So with out further are my Christmas pictures and my gift from above.

11 years old

2 years old

Come on over

All friends Welcome

they are waiting for you

Sent from Above
by the Angels

They Love the Snow too

Snow for Christmas in Texas 2009 will make History

Merry Christmas to you!
DeeDee, Lucky & Bentley
From Texas

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wood Block Picture Frames

    One is for christmas, the other is double duty, christmas on one side, Love on the other side. So it can be dispayed thru-out the year. I used up lots of scraps from my other christmas crafts and made some fun little frames to display my pictures...What do you think...scrap wood, scrap papers, scrap fabrics, scrap two favorites mediums this year...crackle paint and glitter..all used up now. Not still stuck in my can purchase the little "believe" and "love" letters at Julie's  site in vinyl.  they worked out so easy and look great..I loved how these turned out and am sure I will be making more of the picture of my mom as a child and this years Santa picture of my grandkids....makes these perfect to me...Happy Holidays.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cigar Box Finished

    well is my box I did at my friend Gayle's Christmas Craft party this year. She had tons of different cigar boxes for us to alter. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do ...outside I wanted it to carry some of my tools around with this creation needed to match my craft room..I also wanted to use some cuts from my SCAL...I love my results and will poudly display this in my craft room..I need to cover parts of the inside and date it and she will be all finished up. Several ladies brought this and that and I nabbed a piece from each of them and incorporated into my box. That will be my boxes story now. This is from Tony, this is from Gayle, this is from my stash...on and on... I have a few more I also started since this was so much fun..will post as I finish them....Happy Holidays 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OMG! OMG! OMG! I won something fun to use...

My friend  Cindy at Skip to My Lou had a fun giveaway and Guess What! I WON! the free downloads offer by Elle's Studio , wowsers can you believe it...I don't often enter these but I am so glad I enter this one thanks Cindy and Elle...I will use these lots and lots..

Please take a moment to stop by and visit thier blogs...they never disappoint, trust me....I have borrowed ideas from Cindy many, many will see when you are at her place she is a great inspiration for me...Happy Holidays and Thanks so much Cindy and Elle for making my day special...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Special Gift

    I recieved from my friend Venus, we met thru the PCCrafter Message board I don't know how long ago..seems I have known her forever thou.. Thanks Miss Venus you have certainly made my day with this fun little ornament made with PCCrafter graphics.. I love him and will join him into the collection that decorates my tree...Happy Holidays to you and I hope your home is filled to the brim with family and freinds this year...My continued prayers remain with your children that all serve in our miltiary, with out them I couldn't be enjoying the freedom of this fine holiday season ...and extend my other prayers for all our military and thier families this holiday season...They all bless our lives to the fullest extent. Please say a prayer for them all with me...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Special Gift I Recieved

       I recieved this needle keep a about a week ago from my friend  Donna at her birthday give away... Donna thanks so much for such a special gift. I've  never seen one of these before , but have needed one forever....I use my machine to embroidery, and sew, plus I also sew paper crafts on it as you can guess I need to keep all these needles thanks to Donna I have a perfect solution.  I already know this will be a part of my take along stuff when ever I am crafting away and a treasured addition to my things here at home...Notice the little acorn in the corner..I just love it and it is so Donna. Please my blog land friends check out her Blog and Etsy shoppe for some fun things of your own...Donna  gives me great inspiration...Thanks My freind Donna...see ya again blogland. Happy Birthday again.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Picture Frame

      This is made from the scrap lumbar left over from my JOY plaques...I didn't want to waste it so my little mine come up with this idea...and I loved the final result....the picture is a vintage picture of my mom when she was a very small child.  And I have had so much fun crackle painting things this year...between glitter and crackle I got it all covered.. I will have another one of these a bit later on so please check back for all my ideas...I am crafting away this holiday season for sure...I wish you could see the texture and small details that makes this truely beautiful in matter what your age your should still sit on Santa's lap and ask for the fun things you want....Happy Holidays

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tissue Box Cover

    I made for a freinds desk at work...she mentioned she has been wanting one, so I thought ah ha! perfect christmas giftie... I just hope she likes it...her style and mine are decissons, do I make it her style or mine...So here is my hand at colors she likes alot and uses often in her style and a bit of mine...I will leave this on her desk after she leaves for the holiday vacation so it is a surprise when she returns...Please pray for me that she does like it and is not embarrased to display it on her desk....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


   I cannot take credit for this idea but I will pass on to you where I got my inspirations for this project. One of the blogs I follow Shanty2Chic made thier version of this and gave full directions on how to do them. I just love thiers so much.....but I cannot go so simple you see...why can I not craft like this.....? I always have to be fancy dancy girl.  That is my style I way I love theirs and I love mine and I love the set my friend is working on also, I personally think they allwill turn out fantastic no matter how you do them.. although not finished, hers I can see will be awesome. So with out further ado please check this out...

All  Black

Distressed Black

The "J"

The "O"

The "Y"

The Set

A Another Option

    I Wish you could see the beauty in person ..just cannot get a good picture of them for you to just adore them as I do....Please check out Shanty2Chic they have some awesome projects for yout to work on....Lovely style to boot.....Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Craft Party

Hosted by my freind Gayle. Every year Gayle hosts a craft party for all her friends. Yet another function for us all to gather and have some fun, I was so happy to got to attend.... She keeps the craft a surprise until we arrive which is fun, but kinda hard, means you have to turn on your creative juices right away to get yours done. This year she had tons of different cigar boxes for us to choose from. What a fun idea. Who knew there were so many kinds and the Smoke shops sell them for about $2. to $3. decided to make one to hold my scissors, glue and small items I need on the fly when I head out to craft with freinds. But with me it has to match my craft room ..UGH! the saga begins lol...not really I instantly had a idea that I could NOT! complete at this party so here are the highligths and the ones who did get finished...You go ladies, beginning with the guests...still need to get a pic of

Sandy, Toni and Barb

Lynn, Terra and Erin

Drying feet was a difficult thing to do..but our Hostess Gayle quiclky come up with a solution for us..a bowl with bird feed and small glue sticks....clever uh...

Some of the ones that got thiers finished are

and Erin with her princess box filled with tiaras

I will have to post mine a bit later trying hard with all my activites to get it done...I still have several friend gifts to finsih some great items I am working on to show you soon so please visit again...Happy Holidays...