Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WINNER! of my 200th Followers Giveaway

I have put this off because I cannot get the darned random generator to post here for me...
so with out holding out any longer it chose...
 poster number #13....
my lucky number ya know...
and that is

Shirley C.  

and she has asked for a  solder charm book marker that is in my

Wish granted...I will add a few extras for her of course...

and again

I say


to all my dear followers and new freinds...I so appreciate you all.

on to my next 100 followers

Big hugs

P.S. Shirley I will be contacting you soon...Congrats

Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Swap

I joined in a Valentine swap over at

this is the first swap where is wasnt' swapping with the person I sent to... 
I recieved my Valentine from

she sent me the cutest card...
with special small details

a lovely sparkling heart

I sent mine to

I added some fun Valentines things 

a cute Wood Heart Valentine

some fun and funky heart shades...
I got these for several
people on my lost this year

and a special little jewel box
with chocolate inside

added a cute little cupcake card
and a special message

Thanks Laurie for letting me join in
Deniese I hope you like the things I sent for you
and Jan... thanks so much for the cute card
it made me smile

I got a few other Valentines in the mail to

this cute little card made for me
by my freind Venus
she always makes the funniest little cards

I think it is a type of easel card
so cleve

is this not a cute graphic or what
you can find it at

then my friend Pam sent me a card too!!!

with lots of fun little saying
and confetti

thanks to my freinds new and old.  For making me smile this
Valentines Day

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mug Mat Swap

I joined a Mug Mat Swap over at

with Donna as our hostess

She designed the mug mats and even made
a picture tutorial for us to follow...
check it out Here

they are really easy and quick to do.

here is the one I recieved from my partner

check out her blog and check out my mug mat she sent

 I sent in info that I liked, blacks, whites with pink
and she made it to order.

these little hearts are so adorable and sparlky

see the small details.. so lovely

Thanks so much Sherry S. for swapping with me

So here is what sent to her
she said she liked blues...
but I didn't follow the rules
and I sent her a Valentines one
to arrive on Valentines.

I loved working with these fabrics
and also made one for myself to match

and a little tag on the back...says it all
for a Valentines treat

I also added this fun little cupid arrow coaster

throw in some chocolate and you have a Valentine
gift for a freind

thanks Miss Donna for hooking me up to swap
with Miss Sherry S.
I had fun learning how to do these mats.
and a bit about quilting too.
Happy Valentines Sherry S.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

LBH Organizing Week #4

This weeks organizing tip
over at

I so needed this as you will see
(not as much as the ribbon.
which I am still working on thou)

But check it out

heres what I started with

and more...

and more...

Sorting in the kitchen
this is the printed papers
sorted by dominent color

up both sides of my kitchen

this is my favorite paper
I have atleast 30 sheets of this
I need to make something from it
but for some reason I buy more
and harbor over this.

here is what I am gonna store them all in
I need a good idea for seperating the colors
can anyone help?
Some kind of devider..

here is my stack of printed papers...


and my stack of solids


this weekend I will get my shelves put together and
this paper chase will be done...


they added more

 here is the post for this fun  stuff
and some awesome ideas
that just might work for you too

I use the accordian file
and I tell you I use way more of my scraps

I tabbed off
pink, then pink print
blue, then  blue print
and so on... so easy to find and
USE! what I need

get organized with me
I have so much done since the

got me going on this

thanks Ladies


P.S. stay tuned for Ribbon update soon

Friday, February 18, 2011

Special Valentines Gifts

Bentley has some special Valentines he would like to share with you

the first is a dog bone he won over at

in a contest.
 he had to wear heart shaped sunglasses...lol..
he wasn't liking it so much....
 but he sure does love his prize

look at him hamming it up now

he dug right into it..
 and made it SQUEEK!!!

look at this picture enlarged and see
his so cute little smile.
he is so adorable
he says thanks to

for letting him join the fun

Then of course his mom
 (meaning me)
had to get him a Valentine too
he needed a new blankie
so I did a simple patch work one
made from fleece with appliqued
paw prints across the back..
here it is when he first seen it
he loved it.

Now he decided to pose...

and another fabulous pose
I want to talk for him
on this one...lol..

and then he gave me this one..
My Precious Bentley Boy

Then he says thats a wrap mom...
and gives me a wink

I am trying hard to teach him to wink
so he can wink at the ladies
like my little pommie
Lucky used to do.
he will learn

Hope you think of your pets on the holidays
at my house they are my family
Preciouse Boys
Both of them


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blissful ATC Swap- February

I was once again joined in the

 with my friend Sandy W. 

The theme is 

She did a great job with this theme
check it out...
Sandy picked out a special Poem
and placed it on the heart

and it come in layers and pages

and I LOVE the details
I watched her make this card
and thougt it was so darned cute

this is hand sewn detail work

and it is finished out all the way thru

right down to the heart closure...cute uh..
Sandy thanks for making this just for me
and your freindship too....
It is very special to me.
Thanks for all the fun crafting times.
I hope they continue one for a very long time

The one I sent to her
is made with a sample piece of fabric
found at my local Hobby Lobby
I really liked how it turned out
with tons of texture

I hope you will see your way to come join us,
 in the fun for March at

See ya there

Friday, February 11, 2011

OMG! Have You Seen It?

I have gone over 200 followers....
I rarely look at that....
but my friend brought it to my attention .....


200 people like looking at what I am doing.....
and share thier love with me
You guys ROCK!
Thank You, Thank You 

for each and everyone of you...
Ok so heres the deal, I need to do a
to my freinds, my faithful followers
Just for you..

UMMM! what should it be...
I will let you decide
any suggestion what you might want from me?

Drop me a note here,
let me know what you would love for your own of the things I can make....
send me links if you like, check out my 
( maybe something from there will do) 
 I will take a look at all your ideas
and pick a special one to do....
Just for one of you
then I will set up a giveway for you my freinds...
sound like a funtime?

let the posting begin..
Give me a clue what you like
come on be brave
hehehe! I cannot wait to see what
I get to create next!!!
I am in a slump and need something to do..

I am excited..are you?
drop a note so we can get this

 on its way

Love you all lots
Big hugs to you my blogland friends
and to you the ones I have met in person
or see on a regular basis
I thank you all for making this
a fun adventure for

 Little ol' ME.... :)

let me hear from you,
tell all your friends they can help too
if they follow, they will be added to the fun
Giveaway drawing

This is only open to followers of my blog


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I seen these in blogland some where and the idea stuck in my head.
If you know where please let me know so I can give proper credit...
Well I remembered them well becasue they turned out great.
I Love Them

the tea cup above is from my recent tea cup swap.
but the coasters I made to go with another swap I am doing.

I like the Shabby Chic look to them

and the back side looks like this
so I will cover them in fun foam
to hide the stitches..

I can make these to match many things.
I love this idea
so please help me to know where my eye seen this idea
I would love to give credit where credit is due


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scarf Weather

Well talk of this cold weather..
made me remember a crochet scarf pattern I recieved for Christmas...
so I decided to make it for my friend Sandy for her Birthday
I hope she likes it.
She has worn other scarfs and its cold here now
 so this is a needed item, right...lol
and I think it turned out cute.
what do you think?

it folds back thru itself

and the flower is a pin so she can wear any
pin or brooch she likes with it

maybe I will make a few kinds of pins
to go along with this.
I don't get to crochet much
but once in awhile I like to do it
Hope she likes it.
Stay Warm

You can purchase directions for this

Please tell her I sent ya!