Saturday, July 31, 2010

I won a Prize...

And I just love it too...I have only won a few blog giveaways, and have met some fantasic friends thru them..this one was a little french style giveaway from Debbie over at Mosaic Magpie... I met her thru the Blissfull ATC Swap.... look at my haul,  I mean loot, I mean the awesome stuff she sent for me...

here is a close oup of each item...
this all is so me ...

A Victorian Lady

 A Paris Magnet

Useful hand strap for my keys...with Pink poodles...yep so me

and my new passion...a solder purse mirror...with decorative solder..
she is gonna   I  mean I so want her to help me learn this technique 

look at that cute little bag for it....what a great gift I have recieved..Thanks Debbie,

every one please visit her at

hugs to all my good friends...and hello to those new ones I see that have signed in to follow me...thanks so much for stopping by and I will be around to visit you real soon..

Dee Dee

Friday, July 30, 2010

Popcycle Covers

Bella Nella's Summer Celebration

I'm linking up today with Nelly @
for her Summer Celebration-Keep it going.

I am not sure where I seen these...some one I follow made these and I loved the idea so had to make me some of my own...if you know who did them please leave me a message so I can give proper credit for a great idea...

Also I wish I have a child to hold these rather that my display,,,  :)

A Boy One

A Girl One

so much fun..and nice for the kidos..and washable too..

so simple, so useable,, so cute too...


Thursday, July 29, 2010

ATC Swap

 I joined the blog Blissfull ATC Swap to swap and create ATC first partner was Wendy from Bliss Angels  .. I was so excited to see what I would recieve...and with out further ado this is the lovely card she sent me

      Theme : Sisters

even the envelope is cute and fun to see.

here is the one I sent in my plain white

and the back side

oh and a bit of a story about this...have you been to hobby lobby lately looking at gems and pearls that have adhesive backs...the ones that are shaped like swirls and such...well the cards they are mounted on are beautiful and have now become the backing for my cards..,....I used the pearls a few posts back on the
Letter "H"

 you know how I like to recycle things...looking forward to next months swap ...any one of you that would like to join head over to Blissfull ATC Swap Blog and sign up....August theme is


oh the ideas are swirling in my head with this one...

Thanks for swapping with me Wendy..(sad face :( hers is still playing in the mail somewhere..if it doesn't arrive soon I shall be making another one..) so she can have a happy face too :)

hope you can join in on the fun too...
have a great weekend..I am.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Riley's

Well since I made one for my daughters mother-in-law...guess what she wants one so I designed a different one just for her. I am still soldering... and soldering...and soldering. I have so many things I want to make with this medium

arent' they a beautiful Family

it kinda matches the one I made her mother-in-law...but different for her

and it also carries the little will anything I make with them from now on...I like it.

I need to make me one now I rarely make things for me heart goes in to gifts so much more..

I need a Christmas Ornament with this picture..


Monday, July 26, 2010

The Letter "H"

Stands for Hannah.... I made this for her bedroom wall. I wanted to make a few things for her since this will be the first time I meet her.  It is kinda fun for me to have a new little one to craft grandkids have so much thier mom is saying STOP! it should be right...gesh.

look at the fun details

I sure hope she likes handmade stuff.....I am a little nervous about meeting her I is not like a new baby in the family. She will be 8 years old when I meet her...I am going to surprise her and have a birthday party at my daughters house for her, so she can meet some of our family...her family...then if weather permits off to the Omaha her and my grandkids can have a fun day...well I will too, it has been ages since I have gone there..

I have one more present to show you but I am not done just yet...stay tuned for it...

I cannot wait to see her little face and give her a big hug.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun Stuff From CSN

I have had the opportunity to do a few reviews for CSN Online stores...look at this fun stuff I got to try out...

these fun boots

aren't they great..I love them for my garden work...then I had to get me something for my doggies food...this fit the bill

and it looks great in my pantery....check out thier stuff ...I have really liked everything I purchased feather bed, wire cutters, my boots, my dog food can, and on and on.....all good quality..


Thursday, July 22, 2010

ARMY Charms

I am going to see my son-in-law off to Aphganistan soon and made these for some of the girls the guys are with... I know my daughter will love hers..

and some little ones..

off to make some more fun stuff ...I have had to cut down on my crafting due to back problems ..but still try to keep some fun things up for ya...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thursday Night Fun

We went for the make-n-take at Merry Go Round Glass Shop again...I have so much fun there.. I take as many freinds as I can get to go with me and we make a fun glass project...then off to Olive Garden for some dinner and margarittas....this is a new addition to our evening.....what a fun day is what we got done this week...

I made the one above and the star one below..

Sandy made this one..
I love the colors don't you...

gayle did this one...she changed it up a beautiful isn't it.

and look at Miss Lanida...she is our new friend at 83 years old and still crafting away...I so hope this is me one day

she leaves me inspired for real...she is such a fun lady to be around and she has tons of fun stuff to talk about.I love that. And she joined us for dinner too.

We are all getting so good at this stuff and having lots of fun..I am so very blessed to have friends to craft prayers were answered one day. I love it everytime we get together.

see ya next time..I think we are making night lights so check back for those.


Monday, July 19, 2010

A Prayer for my Friend.

 My Friend Jody...she is always there for me non-judgemental, a soft shoulder to cry on....and a freind to confide in...inspiration to guide my day by...She came into my life thru crafts and has remained in it thru friendship..

Thanks Miss Jody...I Luv you...

I made her this to remember our friendship always..

 She pops in here every once in awhile to visit me...
Hugs to you my friend..


Sunday, July 18, 2010


I made some new wreaths for my parents cemetary plots... they have a nice marble bench with black onyx seat and pot to hold flowers on the side. When I was home last I left a wreath and flowers with them...only somewhere the wreath is gone but everything else remains...I lay the wreath flat to the bottom around the way to fly away....just weird...well I thought to make these for the seasons so they will always have one...



They both loved iris so I included them on the summer one....the fall one I made just like a candle wrap will look beutiful at the bottom of the vase

soon I will make a Christmas one..I made one last year but it was way to big...I got the size down now so they will be in style as long as I can...
may they R.I.P. with my heart full of prayers with them.


Friday, July 16, 2010

A Gift for the Inlaws

 The Mother of my new Son-in-law...All of you know I have been soldering lots and lots lately..I got this idea to make some hangings for my daughters new inlaws. I started to make it a Christmas ornament, but it can be hung anywhere....the rear view mirror. and office window...most anywhere they want too.

Notice the little heart...I loved that little touch

I hope she likes this...I have plans for another gift for them soon. Gabe is being deployed soon so a necklce with a yellow ribbon will be suitable.
I am so hooked on soldering right now and all glass works really.


Thursday Project

I have been back to the Merry Go Round Glass Shop for Thursdays Ladies Night Out. They actually have ladies night out, and a Make-N-Take class my friends and I have been attending. I love all the things I am learning and making, the fun with friends and Larry and Vicki just make it so enjoyable..this week we worked on a Whimsical was use your own imagination and let yourself have fun...boy did we...

I made mine two sided,,,

this wasn't the easiest class I have was very hard to hold it to solder ....but as you can see I got thru it...the marbles were a bit of a hair clipped up and concentrating and now I love  it...I need a new apron got a great pattern I can use for one.

if you live locally ...please check out Merry Go Round Glass Shop for a fun ladies night for you and your friends..they will have all the supplies and all the teaching to help you get thru your first me will be hooked after one try.. and guess what..ladies nightout is only $25 for a fun evening and a great item to show for it...please do join us..

I would love to meet you in person...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Friend Donna

She is so special and does such special things...a few posts back you will see I seperated and sorted all my buttons added in my Moms and Grandma's buttons too. then posted a picture for you all to see...well Donna spied one item in there and said to me." Send me that blue rose and I will make you something special from it"...I did as she asked...I was so excited to see what it might be since this

blue rose  deal..was from my grandma's stash. How exciting is this.

well I got thru the waiting and finally it arrived back in my mail box...tearing it open with even more excitement..I found a treasure I just love now, it can be used as a


and a magnet

and a marker for many things since it is magnetic you can use it in many places in fabric use..on my message small little addition and it is now my treasure..brings my grandma closer to me on a daily basis now....

my friend Donna I just love it. And thanks for caring enough to give me this beautiful treasure from my button box. Hugs.

hey you guys reading this head on over and pay Donna a visit...You will love her place. She is a great story teller, a great seamstress and a very sweet hearted friend of mine...


Monday, July 12, 2010

Coming Home....

My friend Gayle and I have been going to the Mosaic Shop in Waxahachie for almost 6 years now....she started this Rooster about 5 years ago and it has sit on display in thier shop for all this time...Well we decided it was finally time for him to come home... We don't make our outings so far away anymore. I miss the shop for all the fun ideas and such, but we have moved on to other adventures for now..

So to document such a special day I had to take he is leaving for his new home fianlly ...unfinished he is but this will allow for some additional work to be done on him..He will be a designer piece for sure one day soon.

he is all strapped in for the hour drive home

here is part of our new adventure...still working with glass but in a new direction

Gayle and I haven been crafting together since the day she became my first trainer at the Railroad. Our talents only mulitply when we get together.  We have added a new partner in Crime named Sandy now and our Sundays and atleast two Thursdays are craft you know why I haven't been posting so friends and I spend atleast 2 days a week mostly crafting away...projects are bigger so taking a bit longer to get done...Sandy is a Jewelry maker, Gayle a painter/seamstress and me the multi-crafter in many fields..... what a great team and I truely enjoy my time spent crafting with them.

hope you have some fun friends to spend your off time with as I do


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

 I hope all my blogland friends enjoy the birthday of our country.....please spend it a way thats meaningful to you....I will be crafting with friends, dinner then a high hill top to watch fireworks...

see ya later...


Friday, July 2, 2010

Help for the Children

If you are a crafter with a big heart, the Share A Square Project might be right up your alley! Read on for more information and look for us on Facebook!

What in the world is “Share A Square?

We are inviting people from around the world to help crochet afghans to give to children who will attend Camp Discovery (a summer camp for children with cancer sponsored by The American Cancer Society) in the summer of 2011. Our plan is to blanket them with our love! Each afghan will be made up of 80 different squares … each crafted by a different person.

What do you want from ME?

Crocheted squares! Each square should be 6″ by 6″, with a 12 inch “tail” of thread on the last row (for stitching the afghans together). Make one and send it to me (the address is at the bottom of the page), or make 150 (but no more than that per person, because only one of your squares will be on each afghan). For each square, send me a tag the size of a business card that includes your name and your location in the world (For instance: “Best wishes from Shelly T. in Denton, Texas”). I will laminate them and affix them to your square.

How many afghans are you making? What size are they?

We are making 150 afghans, made of 6″ by 6″ squares. Each afghan will be 8 squares wide by 10 squares long (42″ by 60″).

Why so big?

We want the children to be able to use them when they survive to a happy and healthy adulthood!

Can I knit the squares?

No. We want crocheted squares only. In 2008, we accepted knitted squares and mixed them together, but it makes for a sloppy look because the knit stretches too much.

But, I can’t knit or crochet! How can I help?

TELL PEOPLE about it! I bet you know someone who is a crafter. Send them our way! If you want to donate to the camp, contact the American Cancer Society at the link above.

Do I have to use any particular pattern?

Any pattern you would like to use is acceptable — as long as it is 6″ x 6″! Here is a link for an easy pattern from Deb’s Crafts called “The Never Ending Blanket Square.” It works up very quickly!

But, my square is only 6 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ (or 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″)! Why are you so picky about the size?

The last time we made these afghans, volunteers spent a lot of time re-working many of the squares that were the wrong size. I don’t want the volunteers putting together the afghans to have to think about adding rows or removing stitches. In fact, since we are sewing the afghans together, some of those volunteers might not even know how to crochet! (gasp!) Pretend that you are making these squares for your own grandchild … you don’t want it to look sloppy, do you? The easiest way to assure that you get the right size is to make a cardboard template to use as a guide. You might find that you have to adjust the hook size to get the gauge but size matters!

Can I use fancy yarns? What about using wool yarns or baby yarns?

PLEASE do not use wool! We don’t know if the children will have allergies or if they will have sensitive skin due to their cancer treatments. It helps if all the yarns are similar. Use a sports worsted weight yarn, such as Red Heart (or the equivalent). If you want to use those “eyelash” yarns or other fancy ones, double them so that the thread is the same weight as the worsted weight. Please DO NOT use bulky yarns. It just doesn’t work well.

Last time, you rimmed the squares in black yarn — will you do that this time?

I considered it, but decided against it. I want to save the time and the expense. Many of my volunteers who put together afghans shelled out extra money for the black yarn. Instead, we will stitch them together using that 12″ tail of yarn that you are going to leave on the last row.

Do I have to tuck in all the ends?

PLEASE do! Again, we don’t want these to look sloppy. Use a tapestry needle to help you hide them.

Why is that tag so important? I don’t want to give my name and I don’t want a thank you card!

When we delivered afghans last time, the children were fascinated by the exotic locations where they originated. You don’t have to give your full name … and you don’t have to give your street address. The kids will save these cards and remember you for years to come! In fact, we are going to give them “binder rings,” perhaps attached to a necklace, so they can compare their cards. I think they will enjoy that.

What is your deadline?

I would love to have most of the squares collected by December 31st of 2010, so we can begin putting them together in January (the sooner, the better). Last time, I started putting them together as the squares came into my mailbox. The first afghans made didn’t have the variety of locations (some of them were all from people in Texas). I’d prefer that you start sending them on August 18th … because we have a child getting married in the first week of August and I think I’m going to be swamped until then.

Enough, already! Where do I send them?

Shelly Tucker

P.O. Box 2241

Denton, Texas 76202

If you have a question that I didn’t answer, feel free to voice it, or join the discussion on Facebook!/group.php?gid=139510982731321

if you can help please leave a message or contact via facebook......thanks for your participation